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Goodbye summer, hello fall 2021

Well...that was fast! School bells are starting to ring and Labor Day Weekend was Summer's Grand Finale. In my working world, I am still working from home-no complaints here, with flexibility of going into the office here n there. As short as this summer seemed, I enjoyed being outside. I kept my same routine as Summer 2020 which was getting up n out early and retreating back home before it got too people-y outside. I had no urge to take vacays outside my local area n surprisingly, I brought a new bathing suit n yet to be poolside.

If you are of and from the #DMV there is no way to trollop around summer without blessing ur mouf with crabs! When I am dining for one, I keep it classy n cute with crab legs but when it's time for fellowship amongst friends; u go for the full crab (specifically large males). During cookouts, the bushel comes out at the end as majority of folks have left, lol. U get lost in gossip n playing catch up while cracking crabs n dipping it in whatever ur special sauce is (I'm a simple gal-only butter n old bay for me). I'll do a "Best of Summer 2021" later. For now...I wanna bask in the joys of one of my favorite seasons:

"A fallen leaf is nothing more than a summer’s wave goodbye" -unknown

I am totally looking forward to an extra hour of sleep, leaving the windows open and paying attention to the weather change. Everything is pumpkin spice and the Halloween n Xmas decorations tease us on the shelves. Aaaaahhh yeeessss....sweater dresses n hoodies...oxblood n hunter green anything-I am ready for layers! More importantly...I am ready to enjoy crisp mornings sipping tea/coffee on the balcony; snuggled up in a cozy throw blanket. Also...u NEED a weighted blanket...just saying! My routine shall remain the same for the weekends:

This will be my first FREE FALL in the last four years where I'm not hustling n procrastinating to finish a paper (still feels weird) n I honestly can't tell yall any plans I have to enjoy the season. I'm taking it day by day like the rest of yall. I go into hibernation mode around November tho as holiday season is rough-I pull thru only for the kids!! Oh...cuffing season...

I don't know about chall heaux being on the proooowl but yall better stop playing n lock it down for the winter! See...yall out here thinking u got time (and options) when u don't (refer to The Infamous Dating Pool) but who am I **shrugs** Who else is excited by Fall? How sad are u to see Summer go? EEEK!!!

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