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Best Of 2022

Annnnd here we are...again!! I speak a lot on "forward thinking" and its becuz the concept of time is moving fast n days are getting shorter. "In the blink of an eye" takes on a whole new meaning with aging. By the time u read this...we will have less than 24 hrs or basically IN 2023-crazy right. I hope u all enjoyed the Christmas holiday or whatever holiday u choose to celebrate. My family enjoyed each other and the best part for me is watching everyone open their gifts.

My favorite part of the end of the year is reflecting on the last twelve months. The good n the bad. Celebrating the Wins n acknowledging the L's. The dash in between Jan n December is another notch on life. If we are luckily, we gained an extra year. Unfortunately, some folks don't make it to the end. The unknowns are exciting for me. Enjoying the moment n making a plan with no expectations has been a sight to see (or not). I did a lot of things scared this year. Taking leaps of faith that left me with uncertainty was a challenge. It's hard picking door number 1 or 2 without a peek thru the windows. Turns out, if u trust in the decision and let go n let gawd; it'll work out as its meant to be.

I've fully enjoyed sitting in stillness and holding space for peace n tranquility. Recognizing when I needed to pause n acting on it has made a difference in my lifestyle. Not overthinking n just going for the gusto when the iron strikes allows me to enjoy the steps. I can sit here and reflect on how the year started n knowing I stuck to the theme: 2022: Humble for What and got dmn it I'm proud. A year ago I made a decision to decline a job making more money to gain the opportunity to learn a skillset. Folks always think ur crazy to turn down a dollar. I turned it down becuz I knew the opportunity would add value to my resume n that dollar would come back around at a later time. When? I didn't know. I just KNEW it would pay off going off my gut instincts and wisdoms from my elders.

That experience led me to what my biggest "Best of 2022" taught me n that was to lead with love n NOT money. We often place too much value on a dollar n chasin the bag! I remember my hustle mode days n being greedy n in the end...I have nothing to show for it n missed memories with family becuz I was always on the grind. The Best of this year taught me to move with good intentions. There is a blessing n being able to have a choice in jobs in itself. The opportunity to work for "less" didn't effect my living in any way. I was able to keep up with the inflation of chicken wings n maintain the light bill-THANK GAWD!! In the end...a full circle moment led me to accepting another position to use the skillset acquired n allowed me to fully stand in my demand of asking price. That dolla I turned down came back two fold. I love promoting the lead with love n good intentions to other becuz I see how what u want can still come to fruition. I sleep well with integrity n knowing I don't do anyone dirty.

I am grateful for the lessons n losses of this year. I've gotten better with blogging n honing my craft. Do I want to do this full-time? No! Do I wanna get paid as PT Blogger? Yes. Will I still blog for FREE? Sure. I don't have to walk around n try to see a way to take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way. I hate the ugly side of "networking" which is everyone looks at u with something to gain. Trust gets shaky becuz ur thinking...does this person like me for me or what I can do or get for them...hmmm!! Again, I don't have those thoughts becuz everyone starts with a clean slate until they show me something different. I have no need to be an opportunist nor take advantage of anyone becuz what's for for ME! Feel free to re-read the paragraph above!!

Is there anything ur reflecting on from this year? What's your "Best of" ? Closing the door on 2022 has been a blast. Opening the door to 2023 will be even better n I am working on the theme as we speak. I am excited to see seeds previously planted come to fruition. Years of hard work finally paying off. I can't wait to see everyones moment they've been waiting for becuz it's within our reach.

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