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2022:Year of humble for what

One of the hardest assignments I tend to freeze on is whenever I am asked to introduce myself. I know very much who I am but to articulate it is hard becuz if say too much to toot my horn, people take it as gloating. If I don't say enuff, people don't think I'm confident. How do u find the balance in letting the world know who u are n what ur about in a small amount of time as an introduction? The saying goes, u never get a 2nd chance to make a first impression so to do an intro u gotta grab the audience attention early n also leave a mystique to draw them to want more-basically...u ain't gotta tell it all. So why is being me such a task to present to you...welp! let's get to it.

We are cultured to be humble. We come from humble beginnings n so as we progress we are engraved with "don't forget where u came from" becuz that keeps us humble. Let's break down the meaning be humble is to be modest in importance so anything opposite of is considered to be arrogant. Who makes this shyt up, I don't know but it's been an underrated weapon amongst ourselves n we don't even realize it. Humble n Humility have the same meaning with a difference in the grammar world. Humble is an adjective and humility is a noun which means it acts as a quality. Why is this important in today's lesson people...

Becuz we deserve to celebrate ourselves out loud without having to play down our confidence. I remember when Bey came out wit "Bow Down" heaux was in an uproar becuz it's like how dare she think she's better than and above yet it was crickets when she came out wit "Ego" and "Diva" hmmm...either way I am ALWAYS here for anybody talkin they shyt n walkin in they power becuz we should definitely big ourselves up.

My theme for this year is humble for what **hands on hip with a dip stance** becuz nobody knows the sacrifice and work it took for u to overcome obstacles to get to where u are today. Whether its a new job, anything related to school...goals crushed big or small-YOU made it happen! The ones who think u are boasting or doing too much are the main ones not doing enuff and it reveals themselves becuz they secretly wanna have the strength u have. Folks who are content wit playing small and settling in nothingness will have the mindset for u to humble urself becuz who are u to walk in ur power? Who does she think she is? The audacity of it all to think she's like that-TUH!!

So why yes I have the qualities of humility becuz I know what it's like to go without or take a few steps back to sacrifice to move forward along with care and respect for others. I am not in the business to be humble. I love the shyt talks men do in sports and the flex of Mayweather becuz I'm sure it's no cake walk to be on the level in which they are experts so they deserve the rights to be proud. It comes off rude to some of us who can't relate so we suck our teeth at the mere thought of these kinds of people. Boastful, Arrogant, Vain...even Materialistic people don't bother me as long as it doesn't cross the line of disrespect.

So how do you balance the humble n still flex the confidence? Well...take some leaps of faith becuz taking the risk with no fear of failure can challenge u and the unknown will keep u on ur toes to roll wit the punches. Stay grounded with being open to feedback. When u are vulnerable and open to being coachable u have the opportunity to work on weaknesses. Lastly, gratitude! I am thankful for the blessings I receive and I love to share. I always wanna be able to contribute and add value to people becuz I don't take their love for granted.

And there's that...becuz I know my worth n don't trample people to achieve what I want warrants me to freely say...phk being humble! Encourage people to meet u where u are and don't dim ur shine n hold ur head down cuz u deserve!!

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