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Who Are U Beyond Being a Mom?

I've been a mother for 16 yrs now and I am thankful for the community n tribe I've accumulated to have helped me along the way. I am grateful to have the many gems dropped of those who've been here before me. I have taken those n kept it in mind throughout my journey. One thing we don't talk about outside the beauty of motherhood is our roles beyond being a MOM.

I can recall when I lost my mojo after Mason. I was home holding this crying baby without a clue on what to do. The hospital ain't send me home wit no handbook n I can totally understand how postpartum can takeover. We sacrifice n lose ourselves as moms due to the overwhelming pressures n duties of motherhood, so who are you beyond the role of being a mom?

It's important to nurture urself n maintain ur passions so u don't lose ur own identity which is lost in the abyss of mothering. I used to overcompensate n have mom guilt becuz I would work so much and had to rediscover life by making some decisions to put myself first.

I see it with yall allllllll the time! u wearing urself down for the sake of these kids n have the attitudes of putting ur kids first as if we getting some first prize gold metal of some sorts. We put everything in our life on hold to where our love life suffers cuz u busy trying to get ahead at work, take on extra stress of education to boost urself in the career field while juggling loving up on ur kids then u look up n they end up being teenagers n get their own social life where they don't give a dmn about chew!!

I be like wayment...I done cleaned up after ur ooool' funky azz all this time, missed out on vacay's n depleted leave n this the thanks I get lol. Phk these kids!! I had to pull myself out the rut. As long as he got the basics...he'll be aight. All that my kid will want for nothing shyt is not a motto for me cuz I understand the Power of NO.

While I do know we made the choice of being moms, there's a way to find balance growing up with our kids n having a life of our own. Challenge urself to step outside ur mommy role to rediscover what YOU love becuz once u become an empty nester, how will u transition into not being needed as much. I would hope u wanna clip them wings one day n the way time flies, it'll be sooner than later.

mom of sons
Toot after I told him to put his clothes on

As a mom of two sons, its so funny how I can anticipate going from mommy to ma with the experience of Mason n learn new tricks with Toot. These kids will love u just the same if u pursue ur interests outside of them n if nothing else it makes motherhood that much better when u can come home fresh from a spa day n well rested to continue being the bestest mom ever. It's imperative I take a pause from being a mom so I can come back renewed n be a greater mom to my babies.

Who are you beyond being a mom? What passions have u put on hold n how long u gonna let em collect dust? Let me know in the comments.

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1 Comment

Rick Flections
Rick Flections
May 09, 2023

This right here is applicable to DADS too (my bad I was triggered) lol

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