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Werk Week Recap

**cue confetti** I am tootin' my own horn as I didn't expect to drop balls all week long! This has been fun sharing #WerkCouture becuz I know we are slowly goin back into the office these days or u just wanna closet refresher to try something different.

To recap n end the week, in case u wanna catch's what u missed:

  • Monday-Curves n Swirls; I totally meant to share this last Fall but found this one on Amazon.

  • Tuesday-I chose these over some Jimmy Choo's I had my eyes on...

  • Wednesday-These statement slings really elevated my wardrobe.

  • Thursday- Another slingback find with less of a blow to my purse.

I am trying to get better at sharing when I get them becuz I'll buy something n not post it months later which means it'll more than likely be on sale or gone! I am not stingy!! I want the best for us so I will be sure to do better. U will definitely find it here as I've kinda fell back on social media to pour energy into my blog space and living outside of the phone.

Hope ur week went well n looking forward to the weekend. Happy FryYAY!!

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