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Werk Couture: Curves n Swirls

I have always loved a good SET. It's easy attire to toss on when u don't wanna think too hard. Fun part for me when it comes to sets is...well TALL GIRL problems **whomp whomp** becuz it's not like u can buy the top a different size than the pants (and vice versa) so one or the other will be oversized given my body shape. I am hippy n smaller up top but this swirly number from Amazon surprisingly fit me both ways!

Becuz I am tall, I like my pants to be slightly draggy (as pictured) but its still a win! The elastic waist gives it some stretch n leeway to enjoy a buffet. The shirt-surprisingly was long enuff to cover my wrists. Often times when it comes up short, I'll do the cuff it look.

The fun part about sets are...dressing em up or down. I will say...this set isn't the best of qualities but for the price n short term wear-it's not bad. If u get them too small u could end up with the camel toe look or it'll be bunched up in the crotch area (for those of us with thighs n all). It's light enuff for Spring/Summer which I can appreciate but overall the design is trendy.

Tuck the shirt in or out. I prefer out so it doesn't emphasize my FUPA given the material is light but if I wanted to give this outfit some shape, I'd add a skinny belt. Two piece sets are great to run errands in which is clearly what I look like I'm doin lol. No worries, at work I keep black mules n random heels in the drawer.

So what do ya think? Curves n Swirls Couture for the win!! Also don't forget to take a peek at my Amazon Storefront where I toss in my random finds for Werk Couture n more.

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