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Tory Burch: Eleanor Espadrille

I made a pledge this year to do an overhaul on not just my style but my wallet. During the warm seasons I wanna keep it simple yet effective as it remains true to my style. As a Tory Burch fan these caught my eye.

So did these Jimmy Choo's. I toggled with the idea of this or that for weeks on end n since it was over the threshold of $200 of course I had to search for reviews n sizing. I ultimately settled on grabbing TB over JC becuz of the design giving the vibrant color n of course the lower cost solidified the purchase.

While I didn't see the Choo's in person to compare, I can tell u these TB's in person have not disappointed. I got my true size 8's (instead of sizing up) n they fit perfect. Becuz it is suede I'll be checking the weather before tossing these on, lol.

Although I typically like to save my finds until I do a full photoshoot wearing them, I didn't wanna waste anymore time becuz these are ON SALE!!! I grabbed mine from Neiman's (n had em price adjust) but they are $180 at Nordies. When u do see me in these, I'll be wearing a white top n jeans but these will be the focal point of a chill mode outfit.

Let me know what u think...I haven't been in the espadrille game for a long time but glad to hop back with these.

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