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Werk Couture Wrap Up: Intermix

The theme for last week's Werk Couture was Mixed Prints. There's an art to the shake up and u gotta find your sweet spot to balance the Lewk. The intimidating part of why I stayed away from mixing so much was to avoid looking crazy. U know how young kids dress themselves n look wacky as hell cuz they have no concept of matching anything.

The general "rule" to mixing is to mix garments of the same color family to ease into the game. Becuz I am hard headed..I go for the gusto! Majority of how I dress is how it makes me feel as it comes together. Sometimes it'll be a vision that randomly comes to me, then I go to my closet n let my arms reach for what they believe on their own. Once I put it on if it "makes sense" I can confidently walk out the door. If not, I'll change n re-arrange until it does but I don't force it.

My favorite pair is polka dots n stripes (Tuesday) where u break it up with a floral surprise for the POP. I also feel that anything leopard is essential to act as a neutral. If ever u wanna live on the edge; try the combo of Stripes, Floral n Leopard-OMG!!

How ur outfit makes u feel makes a difference. U ever notice people who wear things n their body language shows they are self-conscious or struggling w/confidence becuz there's just something missing. From head to toe, when u are at ur best-it shows! The walk hits different. This is why mixing prints ain't for everyone n that's ok. Combining prints n patterns doesn't have to be extreme. It can be something as subtle as what I did Thursday with accessories. It can also just be a patterned top or bottom-ONE piece that can account for being out the box for u. There are no rules as it relates to fashion (there ARE rules for style n we'll chat on the difference in the two later).

That was a fun week for me and I definitely served the community becuz the presentation was well received by others. I do my humanitarian service bringing a smile to face of others. In a sea of blue n black swiftly passing thru the halls of work be a work of art that stands out. I felt really good not just from the attention but becuz it felt refreshing to be out the norm and radiated from the inside out cuz I walked around with a smile.

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