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Werk Couture: Secret Garden

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Let me tell you a secret...I know u don't wanna know just any secret but that one special secret. You'll wanna learn about the secrets in my garden. You wanna read my mind to know my deepest feelings, I'm gonna make it riiiiiight for yooooou **cue Al B. Sure** Baby Show meeeee, let me share the mystery-OOOOOH **points mic into the crowd** come on, come on, come on, come on...peep my werk couture todaaaaay!!

Fun Fack:

Originally Michael Jackson was supposed to been the crooner on the first verse but due to scheduling conflicts they had Al B. Sure! take his place hence why he did his hardest to impersonate him as an appreciation to the King of Pop.

Commonwealth of Joe Coffee Roasters in VA
Perched at Commonwealth Joe Coffee Roasters in Crystal City, VA

Ok now that I've got the song playing in ur head (and lowkey creatively re-wrote the intro of the song haha) today's colorful lewk was simplistic. I simmered down from doin the most with wearing the dress as a stand alone. Sticking to the theme this week that falls into the mixed print category; I did a subtle mix using accessories becuz the dress is the leading star.

How to dress for the office after a pandemic
Halogen Dress from Nordstrom

This dress has colorful flowers so I don't want to take away from the design which is why I utilized my accessories to be the subtle mix to where if u pay attention to detail you'd notice it but the average eye maintains focus solely on the main attraction. I kept the shoes a solid color but another option could've been leopard print shoes n solid colored accessories.

How to dress for the office following a pandemic
Vintage Earrings courtesy of Marci

Today's look was a good example of doing the most without doing much. Yall know I like an effortlessly effort as it relates to dressing becuz comfort is mandatory for me especially in the office. Hope yall enjoyed my Secret Garden Couture for today cuz passion can make u fall for what u feel ;)

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