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Weekend Wrap Up: Lessons n Blessings

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Happy MonYaaaay!! I enjoyed a lovely weekend n figured I’d share more here in detail. If you follow me on IG: @ballsofbeautyblog you know my Saturday’s kick off my weekend with a morning routine n signature song "A Beautiful Morning".

My body clock gets me up about 0530a. I linger for a good half n hour but this morning something nudged me to take my morning stroll. I almost ignored this intuition but KNEW it was only right. I obliged n ran into some blessings!!

After enjoying a cool n crisp stroll, I got cleaned up to really start my day which was set to be a scorcher with a heat wave. My local Starbucks can ALWAYS count on me every Sat morning before 0800a. It’s relaxing to grab my cup n linger nearby to plan out my day, along with a few flickers.

Now when I make my SB runs, I am in something loungey. Caftan's are my go-to year round for errand runs (if I'm not snazzy) but I decided to also bring out my graduation gift to pair with it. I looooove this bag n fell in love with it the moment I seen stumbled upon it in the store. I was too slow on the draw n missed out initially but I stalked Nordies for it come back in stock n FINALLY grabbed it so I know it was meant to be. It's the perfect Kelly Green purse by Kurt Geiger. Although miiiiine is GONE, there are other color options like Teal n Red which would've been my plan b. Surprisingly Wegmans was NOT on my to do list as it normally is for my wknd errands. I knew we wouldn’t be home so there was no need.

Oh...feel free to grab this Amazon Couture of a caftan for a whopping $23!!

Instead I did some pickups at Nordies n Neiman’s in prep for Father’s Day (be sure to check out my men gift guide here) n then headed to the “Frat House” to see my boys after battling traffic. Since Mason has a nerve to be a teen with a social life, I dropped his azz off at Six Flags n might I add the cicadas are treacherous in the #DMV!! They care not about CDC social distance regulations n felt like I got a concussion after one collided wit my forehead!! We don’t have em on my side but they greeted me comin over the bridge as they run into ur car repeatedly! **cue the birds**

Ooooh for the Sabbath Sunday, I always look forward to it being my day of REST! To set the tone I hopped back over to Starbucks n becuz I’m aware of my surroundings I notice a guy who is now a familiar face after seeing him here n there over the last few weeks. Now I normally mind my business becuz I’m not in the marketplace of dating but figured I’d give it a whirl to be social to a stranger. We humans have become socially awkward n introverted so we lack social skills necessary to engage. I’ve always been a friendly person n I try to be aware of being approachable but given the climate these days, men aren’t as quick to make the first “move” becuz it’s hard to check the temp wit chall heaux these days.

For a moment I felt like a dude becuz I’m sitting to myself slowly clocking him n debating if I wanna go over n talk or not. From my initial womanly scan we do to assume the stats n potential BASED ON APPEARANCE-I knew he wasn’t married n didn’t have kids and clearly lived nearby (I’ve always been a people watcher so these skills come with years of observation). In this instance, I have no fear of rejection becuz I’m not looking for a specific outcome to add him to the roster. When u lead with no expectations u can’t be disappointed n also I am confident in who I am so if I left with nothing else, it would be a good convo.

So I sashay my way on over n introduce myself; not off no corny shyt cuz I have no game. Just being me is the pull n flex alone **slow wink** He gets up to accept the greeting n offers me seating (oooh gentleman-CHECK). It was the typical intro convo you’d expect n I guess his stats correctly (age, single, occupation, etc). What I have LEARNED from men (specifically Rickey) is men don’t like to feel like their being interviewed. You will find out all u need to know when u let the convo organically flow. Too often women are so eager to know everything at once u remove the process of getting to know a person by rushing. Relaaaaax n trust ur instincts. Also, give room for them to lead the way n LISTEN while paying attention to facial expressions n body language.

Needless to say our meet n greet ended with exchanging info…I meaaaan come on now! Duh!! That moment of surety in myself was used for me to teach you…shoot ur shot laydeez. Go off somewhere solo n sit to observe. Men appreciate the confidence WE have to do something different. The norm is for them to initiate with us but how often do they get approached? Now I ain’t saying get on one knee to propose-NEVEEEEER!! But guys grow up getting used to rejection from women as we easily dismiss them so I can see where now they like eeeh I’m good! Is it even worth it? Hmm they LOOK like they taken n they fall back. Hell these were questions iiiii thought of so I now understand the pressure haha.

Now before u try to apply my strategies…pause to MAKE IT MAKE SENSE!!! This is where u check urself. Are u in the position to where u are ready for whatever this meeting may lead to (good or bad)? How would u handle rejection? A polite no thank you. Do you know how to spark a convo n stay engaged? Do u know how to be flirty, witty n cutely coy? Are you someone a man should take a chance on to get to know n why? Now n days, folks claim they want a relationship but they are not ready. Know EXACTLY what u want.

I am aware of my value based on my competition n I'm realistic (which is where women struggle). I ain’t spilling all of my “mamas recipe” lol but u get the jist. We as women have these special abilities that I don’t see y’all taking advantage of becuz fear n insecurities hold y’all back. Break them chains!! There is something special we all possess that should be front n center to play upon in order to snag em!! I got mine…u better get churrs!

So yes daaaarliiings, my weekend was full of lessons n blessings. I hope to have inspired y’all to step out the box (and get OFF those dating apps) n take a chance on goin after what chew want becuz u just might Phk around n get what cha looking for. Anybody else down to try this theory?? Let me know ur results.

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