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Sip Trip:Rewind

As we head into July, I wanted to do a quick rewind on the Sip Trips of June. It started off a tad rough given the grief from the tail end of May but I was back in the groove by the 2nd weekend. If ur new here, feel free to catch up n start with The Origin of how the Sip Trips came about.

My nearby Starbucks was closed for a month due to renovation so I had to divert elsewhere to indulge in coffee. I've been to both of Misha's locations but discovered a patio at the one located near the water on Prince Street. I was starting to get my mojo back n it felt good playing dress up again.

outfit deets found inside Stye Story post (click above)

I've visited ESP Coffee in Old Town Alexandria a few times and it's such an eclectic vibe EVERY time. When u walk through the door, ur transformed back into hippie times n the mood is relaxed n very artsy. When the weather is good, grab a cup n enjoy the patio area where you'll find the mural n plenty of rocks if ur coffee date loves to get dirty!!

outfit deets inside post (click above)

If you've read my previous post, you'd understand the significance of my visit to the Turkish Coffee Lady spot in Alexandria. Yes, I've pretty much been in Old Town every weekend this month, lol.

The pistachio latte didn't disappoint n it was sweltering HOT on this Sip Trip Saturday!! There was nothing YAY about the heat n my outfit was sporty chic w/my vintage tee from Golden Bird Boutique n shorts from Target clearance rack last summer w/Sorrel sandals found at Nordy Rack.

HOORAY!!! My local Starbucks is open after a month of a hiatus n I was excited to be back home for my finale sip to close out June. The weather was beautiful n the morning was quiet n serene.

June has been good to me n my time taken for coffee time every weekend have been my saving grace. I don't think people realize how imperative it is to take some time to self (care) to regroup. I know often times if I'm being too much of a socialite, I need alone time after my social meter runs low. Take a breather!! Relax.

Any June Sip Trip Outfits a hit? What were ur faves? Share below in the comments :D

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