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The Art of Gift Giving: Father's Day Edition

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

I started having a passion for gift giving for the male species after having Mason. As he grew up, I would pay attention to his interest and curate gifts during holidays and "just because" around what I knew he liked. As females, we grow up and get spoiled by default during all the holiday's plus some. Men get shafted so much when it comes to their time to get gifts. Women don't know how to shop for men. Why? Becuz guys don't say much, don't ask for much and we take it as though-they don't need much. Yes, they are simple creatures but u have to also INSPIRE them with gifts they didn't think they needed til they have em. Yall have to do better!

TA DA!!! That's what I'm here for. I know what yo man wants n I'm here to help. It can be hard to shop for guys but I know they tired of getting yall sucky gifts they have no use for. Being surrounded by these simple creatures for so long, I came up with the idea of making "Bae Bags" which caters to gift bags for MEN ONLY becuz they are under-appreciated. This can go on forever but imma try to keep it short...Let's get started:

Grooming IS important. Teaching these young king's early as possible is preferred. I've upgraded Mason from Axe to YSL (yet his room still reeks of monkey balls) n is the easiest to gift. There is nothing more appealing than a man who smells good n the perfect whiff as they breeze pass me tickles my fancy.

My favorites are:

When it comes to fragrance I am NOT no science teacher of nothing when it comes to the notes. My nose just knows what it likes n how it meshes on their skin-DASSIT! This Spicebomb is a no brainer pick n it comes in gift sets too. It's a clean everyday scent for guys-sure enuff to be a signature! There's an intense version for those late night type affairs but start em off with flexible scents to keep it simple.

I am a huge fan of Replica's. I've gift'd bae"By The Fireplace" which is perfect for cold months. Maison Margiela has a lot of unisex scents which lean to the more woodsy sides (I am a floral lover). I accidentally tossed on Jazz Club n felt like I should've grew a goatee! This one however, Whispers in the Library had to get added to my list becuz it smells like Lionel Ritchie's song "zoom".

Also note: Replica's don't come in no sets lol, u gonna have to the "pay the 5" on this one...$135 to be exact.

This. Joint. Right. Here...just the thought of this cologne makes me smile n think...inappropriate things **evil smirk** As much as I enjoy Spicebomb...if you love ur man, baby daddy or REALLY care for someone on a higher level than being cordial-GRAB IT!! It's the perfect balance between a woodsy musk scent with a dash of citrus that lingers. It's a divine sniff. I wanna start Mason off with the body spray but all my life I had to fight n I'm swatting enuff floozees off now **shakes fist**

Also note: Bleu De Chanel comes in 3 formula's with different levels of intensity: Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum, and Parfum. Just think light to strongest. The difference is in the amount of oil in them. In my opinion, the strongest (and most expensive) isn't needed. The EDP is a perfect medium-although if u wanna test to see how it fairs with his skin as a trial run; I'd start em off with the EDT.

"Coming up, coming doooown, riding clean fix ur hair in my croooown-Bad Bytch, H Toooown keep it trill, yall know yall can't phk arouuuund"

I couldn't help it lol. Sooo these are the fragrances of the beard oil Tom Ford offers at #Nordstrom n the only one I didn't like was the Tobacco Vanille-would not recommend! Smelled like an oil change near a skunk farm. The Neroli one is a baecation scent on a tropical island n MY PICK would be Oud Wood becuz its a rich sultry **cue any Isley Brothers song** sensual scent which is prolly one of the best oud's I've sniffed. This is for the big boys for sure.

While we are talking beards...let's stay here for a sec and introduce u to Nature Boy. These are #BlackOwned male grooming products in which I've ordered multiple times. I gifted Mason's barber with their signature beard comb n he was very appreciative of such a thoughtful gift. I've referred folks here n have no complaints. This is an official grooming brand I will continue to support. They offer different gift sets as's will love em.

If your dad to gift is in the #DMV I would definitely recommend Signature Barber Suites. Mr. Sinclair has been keeping Mason's hairline in tact since he needed a booster seat to hop in the chair. The reason we (shyt mainly me since I'm paying lol) remain loyal is becuz I respect n appreciate his professionalism. I bypass all those long waiting times with the typical walk-in atmosphere n he takes his time wit his craft. I've nicknamed him a Bougie Barber since his specialties offer services like Bald Head exfoliations and Elite Grooming packages to include facials and shampoo's w/haircuts to name a few. His space is a comfy atmosphere n 5 star treatment EVERY time.

One of my faaaaavorite butters I keep on deck (Lovely Lavender is my FAVE)-I digress...Koils By Nature offers men's grooming products as well I've gifted in the past. This is Bae Bag approved.

I love Jack Black n the price points be just right. Quality products n they come in different sets starting at $30 which is perfect for a skin care routines. I prefer to gift the sets becuz they are good for travel (and to stuff in toiletry bags).

Speaking of bags...Herschel Supply Co is THE BEST!! I fell in love with them after making them into a baby bag for my boys but since they are so practical, I got one for myself. Very roomy with luxurious lining on the inside. These bags start off around $100 n u can often times find them on sale n different designs. With outside back open, they'll be perfect carry on's but overall...u can also get creative n stuff these bags with other dad faves (listed above).

These Hip Hop Diaper bags for new dads is so cute! They come with roomy n hidden compartments, zip pouch and even a usb cord section n bottle holding sections. I like the design. It's very rare to find a stylish diaper bag let alone for dad's. These are around $40 Annnnd they can also be found in Target now which is MAJOR for them!!

Yall still there? Just checkin...I can go on with recommendations offline n update my list as I discover new brands n scents. We bout half way done...So let's keep it moving...on to accessorizing...

Men need GOOD SOCKS!! I ain't talkin bout no cheap Hanes n nem. Quality socks that last longer than 3 washes. There was once upon a time where I didn't see the value in socks to pay more than $5 until Stance came into my life. I not only gift them to the fellas but also wear them myself. U can also catch them at Nordstrom Rack n make great stocking stuffers around the holidays.

Now yall laydeeeez KNOW...good quality draws makes all the difference beneath it all. It's why Victoria's Secret is popular. Don't u think guys want quality underwear too. Calvin Klein is so classic (u can also catch em on sale around this time) n there's another brand not pictured for consideration as well named Champ Boxers that WILL bless someone's balls lol. Men don't be thinking to replace n purge they draws like that so that's where YOU can come in. Be sure to know the correct size **looks off into the skies**

If you have a fashionable man in ur life such as iiiiiiii **cue swoon** then Fedora's are staples. I love finding creatives that make them n so I've found a few to share:

I snagged a crown piece by Mass Creatvty for bae's 40th n it's soooo gorgeous in person. Unfortunately, at the moment she's closed until August 1st in order to catch up n fulfill orders but I can assure u these creations are worth the wait so keep this one noted to "spin the block" back (ain't that what the kids say haha)

These are not just hats but statement pieces that I'd want to collect as works of art. I found this Chicago Hat Maker, Paul Hudson via another blogger chick n fell in love. Custom made n I'm prolly more excited to get one for myself than gifting it to him-one day!

Father's Day is June 20th.

For Father's Day, you don't have to just gift someone who's a dad. Father figures are also included. It takes a village right, so don't forget those who make a difference in ur child's life or just a great black man period. I don't believe in waiting for holidays. I like to gift randomly because I think it's important to acknowledge the hard work n sacrifice they do for us everyday. They really do have a thankless job n it's up to us-WOMEN to make sure they are also poured into to affirm them with our support. If you pay attention and listen closely, you'll be able to curate ur own "Bae Bag" for yo man n feel free to refer back here for ideas.

We are at the end of my gift giving guide but figured I'd toss in an honorable mention. I was scrolling Neiman Marcus n paused at this glass. This whiskey glass cigar holder looking thingy made by Godinger. This is perfect for the distinguished n refined gentlemen n I just really thought it was a neat cigar holder with a classy effect. Again, I could go on but I'll stop here. Feel free to let me know what you'd add to the list becuz I'm sure I'll update it around holiday time **rubs hands like Birdman** Gawn head n treat that man!!

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