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After Hiatus

If you've noticed, I've re-ignited the creative content bug where I am even dabbling in making REELS **dun dun duuuun** which has been fun. I am of the modeling era where u just post a standstill pic n keep it moving. I am totally NOT a dancer but i'll runway walk the house zown chile so I'm tryin to see what I'll Tok the Tik about. During June I took a bit of an unintentional hiatus due to family emergencies, lack of enthusiasm n overall a step back from social media. Although I missed engaging wit chall n still clickin in here n there, I must say...I enjoyed the hiatus.

Taking a break forced me to be present n focus on what was more important than anything goin on in social media. I still managed to make intentional time to self no matter what was going on becuz it kept me grounded n replenished to continue to make my rounds with everyone else. I do not like when influencing feels like a job n u get caught up in what to post or how to post n if it's well received n alllll of the things that come along with...the job. I don't want this creative space to ever take away the joy of what I love to do-create. My manager, Marci gets on me all the time to step my shyt up cuz I am aware that we influence each other in this contenting world. When yall post things to try n give reviews that peak my interest...I trust yall judgement which means what...imma buy it.

How to style vintage floral blazer
Blazer: Goldenbird Boutique

I share info for the love of this space n also I don't wanna deprive yall of greatness haha. We are enablers for each other **cue evil laugh** I will say...being on hiatus sorta kinda spoiled me too. It was a way for me to pause n be observant when I did peek in to keep my ear to the streets. Removing some things out ur scope n switching up ur algorithms to positivity makes a major difference on ur well-being (on the flip side I still chuckle at baller alert n em in doses). Yall know I advocate for the life of abundance. Shifting the mindset helps keep the spirit up n u have the extra urge to continue to feed it with doing things or being around what fulfills u in love.

Being a content creator n influencer u feel the pressure to keep up with the masses n constantly crank out something cuz "they say" u gotta be consistent n being "consistent" looks like posting 3-4 times a day. Now make no mistake...the analytics do matter in a sense to gauge what's workin...however...what i do NOT wanna do is post to be posting! It's just not authentic to me n the Aquarian that I am...I don't care to ride the wave.

BP at Nordstrom
Shorts: BP at Nordstrom ($14 on sale, Size XL)

What I do care about is posting and sharing what is quality instead of quantity. I do know I'm lazy when it comes to creating n I take full responsibility and accountability to step my shyt up. I am looking to find the balance in that now n making a creating schedule to get on my A game. Nonetheless, don't feel guilty for taking a hiatus-in general. The reset will give u time to re-evaluate n give clarity on direction. Don't be afraid to re-invent urself to shed some old skin during quiet time cuz when u re-emerge you'll be recharged n ready to take on the world after hiatus.

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