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Vintage Balls: Caftans

For some strange reason, folks think it takes a lot to do a lot n that is a myth. These days, I like my life to be smooth sailing as possible n on my lazy days-it's caftans! Caftans are no brainers. U can dress em up or down n u will still look put together (which don't take much now given **looks around** what folks leave lookin like). My new rule for when I start traveling again will be carry on ONLY n tossing caftans in the bag save time from thinking. Who wants to think hard on vacay!! The only downfall to caftans is...I can't fully enjoy em in the winter lol. These are like #adultonesies n top tier for loungewear cuz they are great transitional pieces.

colorful vintage caftan
Caftan: @ShopVintageBoutique on IG Headwrap: @ShopEmijaJaaemil on IG

Wearing these whether around the house, grabbing mail or running errands feel so regal. The way the wind blows makes u appear as if ur gliding around the streets. Today's vintage balls post is a flashback from 2018 when I became woke n discovered what would become apart of my lifestyle n shhhhhurprisingly (and secretly) maternity couture.

Becuz I mainly stay in caftans in warm months, I can totally purge a lot from my closet. My style has drastically changed n I can't see myself goin back. I gotta create some space n remove unnecessary-ness as it relates to garments per wear. I don't splurge on these (at the moment). My caftans come from vintage shopping, eBay and Amazon. Like these...

Feel free to click the links and grab some for #WerkCouture cuz I sure nuff will feel like I'm goin to the beach as I arrive to work or headed to the beach AFTER work which just maybe a Happy Hour near u **clink**

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