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National Lipstick Day 2022

Happy National Lipstick Day!! Now this is a groove I can get with. Whether you're into makeup or not, there's an association of women (and alike) to adding the cherry on top of a look with shades of lipstick. It makes our faces bright and just a stroke of a tube can change ur entire look. Aaaah the power of lipstick. I was totally petrified of #RedLipstick growing up. I've shared my childhood trauma's of steering clear of red period becuz it was meant for "laydeez of the night" back in the day. As I got grown-ner n more comfy in my own shell, I challenged myself with embracing the Power of Red and doing a whole month of Red Lips which was actually...empowering! Even without a full face of makeup, a red lip just brightened my day n changed my attitude.

In blogs past...I did a blog post on my Top 5 Luxury Lips because I do believe there are some worth splurging. I remember the joys of going into Sephora or a Dept store and happily swatching on my arm different shades n getting a feel for texture. Playing with finishes you can find a signature for urself. Are you a matte gal, satin lover or flirtatious with gloss? I encourage yall to take a random day n check out makeup counters to chat with makeup artists who can help u find a "perfect shade".

Fun Facks:

Lipsticks were initially available in small pots, paper tubes (wow) or tinted papers where they'd be applied w/brushes. Thank Maurice Levy who invented lipstick in cylinder metal containers by 1915 where the tiny lever on the side hit the market.

In 1923, the first swivel up tube was patented by James Bruce Mason Jr.

Long lasting lipsticks were called "no smear lipstick" by chemist, Hazel Bishop.

If I could choose a signature shade to wear every day it would fall into the categories of pinks, oranges and pinky nudes. I like the nudes that aren't so fleshy to wear it fades into my skin so I need a touch of SOMETHING (preferably pink) to bring a flush of life to the lips. I am not into corpse lips!! We like the breath of life over here lol.

These days more than not, I will ALWAYS have a fleshy toned balm on my lips. I slather on Dior's Lipglow becuz they enhance my natural lips. If I am sicing it up, I do a nude lip cuz its just easy for me to keep up with throughout the day n I re-apply my everyday lippie. I do like how IF I wear red it can fade into a stain-again...I don't wanna work hard to keep my face up lol. Don't be like me tho haha...PLEASE try ur hand at different lipstick options. If nothing else, have a nude, red n berry shade on hand to reach for. Even liners can take the place of a lipstick when u fill 'em in n the combo's are endless and have fun.

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