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Vintage Balls: The Power of Red

The original post was just last year and still remains the same for me. After taking the plunge n overcoming my fear of red, I've since done red nails a few times with no guilt or remorse. This post is what inspired me to do a red lip for this months I live out my prostituting fantasies hahaha and Happy Postversary!!

My favorite color is RED. It's a shade of power and strength. I love how demure the shade of red can be becuz it's the perfect pop to anything. You can wear all black for instance n accessorize with anything red and ur eyes instantly go to the pop. Red can be discreet or full blown "Bytch u see me" and I've always appreciated the versatility of it all. It was also a taboo color I wasn't able to enjoy as a kid.

I can remember like it was yesterday **cue harp strings and gaze into the clouds to reminisce** I was FOUR and we lived in California. My mom had always painted my nails (yes I been on prissy) in pink which is prolly while it's my 2nd favorite shade. One day I asked her for red nails and she told me no becuz I wasn't "old enough" and it was for prostitutes. Stupid n young me not realizing what a prostitute was said with such glee "I wanna be a prostitute"n held my hands out. She chuckled n continued saying no even though...come to think of it, she was wearing red nails becuz I meeeean how else would I have noticed it-hmm?!! Anyhoo, that moment stuck with me and I grew up admiring red with restrictions. I was able to wear it everywhere except my nails.

My mother has since passed and I still felt a hold to NOT wear red nails into my adulthood. I wore every shade around it and close to it but never a full on RED! I felt like it would be defying her in some way if I did-crazy right! I was stuck being that 4 yr old who yearned to be a prostitute lol. Every time I'd build myself up the courage, I never could pull the trigger so I stuck with my default of pinks. Everything in my life centered around my favorite color. Red decor was splashed around my home, I always loved a red kitchen and when I seen the perfect plant holder it was meant for me.

Fun Fack: Anything shiny n red reminds me of Klymaxx. I named my peace lily after one of my favorite members: Bernadette Cooper.

A magical moment happened where it started to hit me: LORDIE IM 40 and if ever there were a time to be a prostitute it's NOW!! I came across some Inspo which confirmed my leap of faith to take. I siced myself up to take the plunge. It just felt right-like wow...the time has finally come. I know it sounds so dramatic duuuuh u could've BEEN did this but it just didn't sit right in my "Spurr-Ret" (spirit). Note, I also felt this way with red lips but it was easier for me to transition into wearing that well after 21.

MAMA I MADE IT!!!! I confidently walked in n sat down in #SalonCouture requesting the red of all reds. I love candy apple reds. I knew I wanted influential reds that made me think of: Cameo's cup (Owwww!!), Eddie Murphy "Delirious" jacket, my dream car of when dope boys drove the Mercedes coupe circa 1990's wit the car phone...aaaah yes gimme Santa's cheeks red, Ronald McDonald wig red and VOILA!!!! I loooove it. I have officially arrived. I feel so accomplished n complete like I've been made whole venturing into red nails. Awwwww shyt!! Y'all can't tell me nothing noooow.. Surprisingly, after I shared my story on my #instagram I was shocked to learn many others shared the same childhood trauma's growing up not being able to wear such a color that signified adultness. I must say...holding out did give me something to look forward to so kudos to mom. The Power of Red gives me confidence and makes me stand tall. Wearing red lipstick even makes me feel sexy (although I stay away cuz of the maintenance lol) and GROWN.

What about chew, is there a "forbidden" shade u grew up avoiding becuz yo mama said...and how did it feel to break the chains n go for it? What is your power color and how does it make YOU feel, I wanna know.

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