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Vintage Balls: My Blogazine

As I was combing through my vintage blogspot, I was reminded of a post that I took great pride in creating...does anyone remember my Blogazine in 2020? I worked on it for many nights n days after the idea came to mind. I love how it came out and wanted to move it over here into this space which sparked another idea I have for this year (in which I hope comes to fruition). If you ever have an idea that keeps tapping u on ur shoulder, DO IT!! We have so much creativity n ideas bottled in our heads but the difference is those who Do and those who Do-Do! I am good with brainstorming. I gotta see my vision on paper so I can prioritize n hit small goals that turn into big goals. Translate ur plans becuz a lot of times we just talkin n it never translates into what we can see. For me...I know I gotta get to more do'in. There are many resources and people who know people that know people to where we can network n work together to refine what we got going on. We can NOT do this n be successful alone. Although I'm talkin to u, I'm really talkin to myself as well.

I want to be more proactive n jump! I have so much idle time now that I have completed not one but TWO degrees n I have no excuse. I completed my blogazine in the midst of completing one of those degrees and during the holidays. Yall...I was grinding and it felt so good to have completed this project becuz I am good to procrastinate n talk myself out of shyt. Have u ever heard of analysis paralysis? feel free to google but its basically OVERTHINKING!!! Also a good article on it-here! We fear more about making the wrong decision or trying to be perfect which holds up back. I have a passion for this n I need to start moving n investing like it-more! I leveled up my blog space, I took taking pics serious with MAKING TIME to do so.

Where I started? I can cringe all day when I look back on the beginnings. No clue on what I was doin or how. This is the beauty of it all tho' becuz look at me now. If I really wanna get deep, I can tell u the person in the photos from back then was operating on low vibrations n looked pretty on the outside yet it wasn't close to matching how she felt inside-I am NOT goin there today...this ain't that kinda post. What I am sayin is...u are worth the investment n chase of the passion n u can be successful in completion. Create ur own opportunity if needed. What's ur work ethic lookin like? Look at the success of the greats. The goat-iest of goats utilized their "free" time to pursue their dreams. Yes, they'll be plenty of no's n obstacles to block along the way n it shouldn't be any excuse as to whyyyy u can't break thru em like a pimple on healthy skin. Now that I've pumped myself up...I might even add a follow up blogazine to this year...hmmm...let me know what you think of the First Edition.


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