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The Value of Discipline + Patience

Throughout these last few years of transforming into my higher self the true test is turning down opportunities where I would’ve once snatched. A lot of times we take advantage of the window too quick n don't consider the future. Being impatient will have u taking scraps once the dust settles!

Everyone has intuition but it’s another level to be able to process to understand it. I go off blind faith a lot of times becuz I’m in sync or aligned with trusting the outcome whether it works in my favor or not. I've gained the ability through patience n discipline. Not being hasty n acting out of lack n fear. I've been more trusting of myself after careful deliberation n weighing pros n cons. The unknown excites me n I don't bank on a plan b when I'm strongly leaning into plan a.

Synchronicities are incidents that occur which pause u to pay attention becuz an event can happen as a coincidence. For example, if u have a dream about someone n they randomly pop up days or weeks later. I always take mine to be spiritual. Lately, I've been seeing angel numbers. A few weeks ago, I couldn't stop seeing em. Whenever I glanced down at the clock it was 222, 333, n 555. As humans we look for meaning in our lives n synchronicities n coincidences can be interpreted as one in the same. I choose to look at mine as if the universe is talkin to me. Yall know I'm a slight psychology nerd so lets move on...

Lemme swing this to my love life. I am not desperate out in these streets. My choices ain’t made out of boredom meaning…I ain’t gotta lay up wit nobody cuz I have an itch. I don’t need to entertain a convo with no meaning. Flattery although appreciated don’t move me cuz I don’t need the validation. The discipline of saying no to what I know doesn't serve me relieves time wasted. The patience I gain from the discipline of saying no ensures who I choose to entertain is a good deal whether it works or not. Once u hone these skills, u can easily see pass the bshyt n it becomes quite entertaining recognizing it.

The hardest part of the discipline is being consistent. I know heaux looooove to say they look for that in a man but ask urself if u are the consistency u seek. Do u have a regimen or routine? I have a morning routine of making my bed EVERYDAY. I proceed to then do my regimen of grooming before I step foot in the living room to tidy up n grab coffee. While doin this I incorporate jazz music, candle lighting n room mists. I am not rushing in the morning to exercise patience so it sets the tone n mood for the day.

The patience is what is necessary to sustain discipline. Value the process to develop discipline so it matures over time n becomes apart of ur lifestyle. It takes tiiiiiiime. U don't become the great one overnight. We often times want instant results. I know I do when it comes to exercising, lol. What we do today, can effect us tomorrow!

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