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The Gift of Blossoms: 2021

Well, Well, Well...guess who's bizack!! After all, just last year (2020) didn't go as planned n with things easing up this year....we was all making up for lost times. This year full peak came later n I planned the day with a plus one to bring along. Kids weren't back in school yet n while we weren't on lockdown persay...we were still HOME n trying to incorporate how to re-enter to pre-panny world.

This year it was still cold at the end of March....actually this was the year Winter seemed to last well into Summer! I didn't do my full lap around the Tidal Basin becuz by the time we got there it was getting crowded n I still operated on keeping my distance n was COLD AF. I found pockets of emptiness (no people) to say "I was here" with a quick photoshoot. My plus one was so over it due to the weather so I kept notes to strategize for next year n knew moving fwd...I'd make Cherry Blossoms part of some ME time.

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