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Team No Coddle

On today's Muva's Day Edition, Imma get my Happy Mother's Day post out early becuz this wknd will be a blackout to whatever I feel like doin n whatever my babydaddies got planned-which is pretty much nothing any different than a regular day lol. I don't mean to toot my own horn but umm...**lays on the horn extra hard** BEEEEEEP BEEEEEEEP!!! Picking the right dads is important in goin half on a baby with-remember...our body our choice lol.

While I've been blessed into motherhood twice over, I am even more blessed 3 times over with their dads. We have a great co-parenting dynamic and I appreciate how they've always affirmed me on and surrounding Mother's Day. Parenting is a team effort n as a Muva of boys, I had to learn the male species is just....different.

Team No Coddle was pretty much born when Mason turned 5 becuz I would get so much male advice on what's to come as the growing pains of boys to men. Now my sweet innocent angel's will always get the nurturing of mama's love n the cure for sickness with mama's kisses but they knoooow I'll take it here n bring it there **hands raise up n come down n backhand smack motion** when needed. I already KNOW I have big boys who are all legs. They were both born weighin 6 lbs n being 24 inches long. They are boys in every sense of the word **eyeroll** which is anything opposite of my dainty-ness! But they are gentle with me.

Team No Coddle Academy starts at the tender age of 5 becuz once them front teeth fall out, all that cute is OVER!! Becuz I lost my mom so young, I looked back realizing my brother was only 14 n I set out to prepare them wit the basics as best as I can in case anything ever happens to me. I want my boys to be self-sufficient enuff to take care of themselves becuz anything can happen to any of us as parents these days. Preparation n being in position will serve them well.

I take pride in affirming Mason of how responsible he is for his age. He beams with joy as I brag on him n feeds his ego (take note to feed their ego's laydeez) which motivates him even more. Pouring into my boys is important becuz men need their self-esteem boosted to take on the world. Toot is at the I wanna do it all age n when I tell him he's doin a good job he be cheesing sayin THANX. I wanna build their self-worth in house by way of talkin to the King's in them. Their feelings of accomplishment will (or should) motivate them in other avenues.

The joy of boys is the ability to understand the male species n insight to their natural wirings. It's quite interesting to see how their personalities shape over the years. My boys are funny AF (my side) and I had to learn to not baby them as I'd like which would be a detriment to their well being in society (I will not take it there this post) but I can assure u aside from some laziness (typical of male species) I am the only feminine being in our households. I remember when Mason was little n being a cry baby...I said stop crying like a B-I n his faced dried up so quick lol. He was more so shocked n asked if I was callin him a bytch (I only said B-I) LOL!! So I can understand how women get in their masculine for dual roles as single parents annnnd I can also tell when boys don't have men in their lives (I ain't talkin bout nothing outside of being born to be) but again...I ain't goin there on the influence of being too much of a mama.

It's oh so fulfilling to see what love has created to walk amongst the world. I joke a lot about motherhood but I am mama bear to the core. I take it seriously to be the example of a woman I'll allow them to date n marry one day. They say a man tends to date women w/traits of his mama which means her azz BET NOT even think to meet me half azz. Ask my brother, lol, I've only liked ONE of his chicks n she's currently my sister in looooove. Mama's intuition sweetie **pats head**

I am confident to know if anything happens to me tomorrow, my boys will be well taken care of n will grow up to make me proud cuz mama ain't raise no heaux!!

Happy Muva's Day

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