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Sunset Couture

I'm a huge fan of supporting influencers. We are all within this creative space and inspire-motivate n elevate each other whether we've met in person or not. The term is called "friend in our head" thanx to Muva Wendy Williams.

While these amazon drops are limited edition and exclusively sold within a small window, it'll be hard to snag what's left becuz they sell out QUICK!! You may get lucky with returns here n there but when ur favorite influencer does an amazon drop...u better strategize lol.

When Kela went through her looks, there were a lot of options from boiler suits, trenches, dresses n an orange 2 pc like this one. I gravitated towards this ombre set instantly! I am trying to have a better relationship with money so I limited myself to just ONE.

The best part of ombre sets two outfits are the same. So I can bump into women who grabbed the same style n we'd all look different. I went with my safe default size of XL for the top n bottom. Typically since it's amazon I'd go UP another size but seen reviews it's bout true to size n that is correct. As much as I like this set, I don't love it n that is why....I regret to inform's going back! I don't see myself reaching for this often to wear. While it does FIT...I would've liked to have gone up one more size in the pants becuz I like em to have a slight drag! As relaxed as it looks with the shirt being UNTUCKED, I love how clean it looks TUCKED but due to my FUPA making appearances, lol, I can't do so in a manner I am comfortable (unless it was a size bigger). Ugh...I should've grabbed the orange as a backup (strategy) cuz anything as a set is effortless couture (note).

Did yall grab anything from Kela Walker's amazon drop? or have u ever shopped the amazon influencer drop? The only one I've done before this one is Signed By Blake's n she done had a few drops since her 1st one...they super sell out EVERY time.

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