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Summer Sabbatical

I hope all has been well with u all over the Summer as we come to a close. Kids are back in school n the mode of Summer ends after Labor Day. We are still fighting the pressing of goin back into the office n yall clearly ain't goin back without a fight lol. No worries, I gotchu on how to transition back into the workplace becuz for someone who's back in the groove...I ain't gonna's hard.

I've not taken a single vacay this Summer n it's gone so fast, I've barely had a chance to pause n see where I would wanna go so there's that. I don't feel like I'm missing out tho, not with the way airlines delay and/or cancel flights n EVERYONE is playing catch up with being back outside. I've been totally content n chillin by staying out the way.

With staying out the way, I've enjoyed not giving into the pressures of keeping up with social media's n checkin in as I see fit n not posting to get numbers n all the extra's we influencers do to keep an audience engaged. I've been popping in my IG stories here n there n more active on Tok's to Tik, lol n I can say...I prefer this pace for me. It allows me to organically create to post n ghost as needed. I love staying engaged w/yall n keeping up with the victories of ur laps cuz I'm rooting along the sidelines...or mainly from my balcony lol. I've been utilizing extra time of not going down a rabbit hole with taking myself out to eat, long walks n spending time with family. I am not bored by a long shot.

Just a quick snippet via slideshow above, I've been booked n busy! A spontaneous Bey concert has definitely been the highlight. Anticipating my godsis n her hubby bringing my nephew into the world by Sept is exciting!! Yo we've been blessed beyond measure n I can't complain. U can't be in the DMV n not indulge in CRABS!!! It's a beautiful way to bond, fellowship n catch up with loved ones. **hides face in hands**

Cole Hahn from Nordstrom Anniversary Sale
IG: @blackgirlsinordstrom

Since we are on shopping...yall know I am forever shopping n more often WINDOW shopping in my favorite spot...Nordstrom!! However, I don't discriminate. I also have a random passion for curating my Amazon Storefront for random finds (and outfit from first pic). I will break down the categories more since I'm getting the hang of it. They'll be a "Bag of the Week" category or "OOTD" with basics for my simple gals n color for those who wanna be adventurous. Feel free to gimme suggestions!! I've been obsessed grabbing sunnies recently. I love mixing higher investments of staple pieces with accessories found on amazon. I can appreciate a good dupe before fully investing in higher end plus....who doesn't love SAVING monies :D

Alright chall, just wanted to peek in n say heeeey since I've noticed traffic via outside of IG. I am around n enjoying the weather which is thankfully getting breezier as the sunsets earlier.

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