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Spring Has Sprung

The moment we've all been waiting for...change of seasons! Although there hasn't been much of a Winter; I do love the anticipation after daylight saving time of warmer weather. People's attitude begin to change n we enjoy taking advantage of the sun being out longer.

I know yall have Sip Trips have been falling off. Partially becuz I've been sick for the last few wknds and partially becuz I've been visiting closely to my local coffee spots due to the convenience n cold weather. I do plan on venturing out for new spots this season and getting back in rotation...keep tagging n recommending spots to try!

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This is also my favorite season for plant loveeeeerrsssssss. I know folks are ready to enjoy outside but this is where I flourish INSIDE!! Discovering more plant species to take care of and revamping my balcony to enjoy sunrises n sunsets brings me joy. The blessing in the pandemic taught me how to care for n nurture outside of being a mom. It's bout the only time I like playing in the dirt with repotting season.

Spring Cleaning is still in full effect. I've made great strides n progress with purging my closet. I officially have 4 totes to get rid of n while there are things I'd love to have the energy to Poshmark n reality...I know I won't. I think I'm gonna get in the habit of purging every few months. It's a shame I purged clothes that no longer fit my style (or current body) that had tags on it **hangs head in shame** I totally know better now so I've been shopping with intention n if I can't see myself wearing it often...I leave it.

What are ur plans for Spring time? Travel? Trying anything new? cooking classes, new dance moves? Are u gonna challenge urself to anything outside ur comfort zone? Solo dates? mingling at happy hours? Let me know in the comments!

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