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01 May

Hellooooo May!! Ohhh...we getting up there huh. Welcome to the FIF month of the year as we finish with April Showers. The weather still trying to figure out it's way but I'm thinking by the 2nd week of this month, I can totally pack away my sweater dresses.

This JT meme will never get old to me, lol. Last month's allergies kicked my butt n I've been overly busy with work as of late so my posts last month were a tad scarce. I've previously did my WLS Sleeversary post just yesterday and speaking on that sparked my interest in looking to make time to add pickle ball to my roster. I wanna try something new n get more active than pilates which has been GREAT for my back n balance. I just don't think we have any pickle ballsssss near me so it would prolly need to be a weekend thang.

What's on the agenda for the month? Ya know...I've been sorta distant from my friends within the past few months n it's more so on my end with personal setbacks n being a cocoon until I figure out my own master plan. I've been noticing a shift amongst the ways of the world n it's not that I'm looking forward to a zombie apocalypse, I just wanna be better prepared. In order to get ready, I've spoken earlier this year, I've been curving my spending. It's actually going better than I thought n has helped me become more conscious in my pennies. I was able to be responsible n negotiate a lower amount to pay for a debt I had lingering...whew...$1000 ain't a lot of money to receive yet it's a lot to cough up, lol. My goal is chomp on as much debt as possible before the year is out so I can be able to SEE my money per pay period...wish me luck!!

Outside of that, I don't have much planned for the month. Daily walks and forcing myself to be more active. I wanna be flexible for friends to where we can meet up after work...where ever cuz it ain't always gotta involve food, lol, becuz yall are a grand ol' time n it's just a different energy in person that I looooove to feel. In preparation of July (#nsale), I am NOT doing any pickups at Nordies for a solid 2 months!! I definitely have some content to cross off the list n not deprive yall of.

Coming up:

  • Hair Perfume Collection

  • My Beautiful Flamingo Basket

  • Sip Trip Couture (I know...I'm behind)

  • Amazon Haul: Quirky Bags n Eye Couture

  • Clean Yo Mirror (I'm always nervous dropping these)

In conclusion, I wish yall a prosperous month. May ur fresh day/month of today be better than the yesterday. May u find whatever fire needed to ignite whatever flame u let previously die out. May u peek back at that project u left behind n dust it off. May that nudge to tell u to take the class, push u to register. May that relationship u settling for remind u to cut the ties. May u repeat a post or hell even the outfit becuz...why not!!

Goodbye April n Hello May

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