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Sip Trip: Virginia's Darling

Welcome to December!! Only 3 more Sip Trips left of the year before we roll into 2023 **cue confetti** If you've seen my recent features, you'd know I've been finding coffee spots in Old Town Alexandria. The weather has been cooperating nicely in the DMV so the drive was totally worth it. This spot was recommended by @redlipsandpassports (IG) again n I would've totally missed it becuz I'm typically near the outskirts of old town.

Upon walking in, I wasn't prepared for this being an actual multi-purposed spot. It's legit a mini market one one side, cafe in the front and to the far left a whole dining area with a bar. GENIUS!!! The concept is perfect for the locals becuz it's truly a one stop shop for the city lifestyle. The perfect way to describe this market n cafe upscale bodega.

I enjoyed sipping the recommended "coconut milk vanilla latte"nearby in the bar area. There were few patrons enjoying their own coffee n pastries. I couldn't pass up posing around the decor. It was such a laid back ambiance.

Now don't be fooled by the title of my post. The name of this Old Town spot is called Mae's Market and Cafe. So where does Virginia's Darling come from? It's their nightly dinner party offered with an eclectic mix of small plates n wines from female wine makers. The dinner service is Tues thru Sat at 5p.I would totally come back not just for the coffee but to partake in the dinner party. I am not a drinker but if ever there's a taste testing session, I can handle some social sips there. If ever u need to meet up for coffee dates, I'd recommend this dainty cafe n even if u get creative n have lunch near the parks, u have options in the market section. Grab a picnic basket n walk a few blocks down by the water to retreat for lunch.

How about that eeeeeh!!

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