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National Coffee Day 2023

local coffee spot in Greenville, SC

If ever there was a post I knew I wasn't skippin' it was TODAY!! Like how can I not acknowledge National Coffee Day when I've created a series of Sip Trips to celebrate my love n time with a great cup of Joe. If ever ur intrigued where my love for coffee began...

For the Love of Coffee (<---click here)

Enuff about celebration of Coffee Day, there's some participating spots to grab a sip:

  • Dunkin Donuts: reward members can snag a complimentary hot or iced coffee w/purchase.

  • Krispy Kreme: no purchase needed for a hot or iced medium coffee but lets be can u pass up on a glazed dozen for $2 (w/purchase of another dozer).

  • McDonalds: feel free to redeem any size premium roast coffee or iced coffee for just 99 cents and even beyond coffee day (once daily through Dec. 31).

  • Starbucks: free coffee tastings (if ur local one is as fun as mine, you'd get frappes n lattes).

  • Wendy's: small hot or iced coffee for 99 cents (perfect time to try their PS Frosty Cream Cold Brew).

National Coffee Day for a local coffee shop in Occoquan, Va called Grind n Crepe
Grind n Crepe located in Occoquan, VA

My Sip Trip Series will be returning this Fall. I have some in the tuck to share and looking to visit more hidden gems in the DMV or wherever I wake up on a Saturday morning. Even if ur not a coffee drinker, I do encourage u to visit ur local cafe's for pastries n teas. The homey vibe is so welcoming n I've grown addicted to the calmness of the air when it's less people-y.

Of course my favorite part of Trippin to Sip is creating! My mind is active in the morning n my creative flow ooooozes out. I look forward to seeing what outfit I'll get dressed up in n builds my confidence knowing I've consistently dedicated myself to such an event. I appreciate the feedback as well. When yall don't hear my Rascal's song, lol, yall be hitting me up like can I start the day :D That makes me feel warm n fuzzy **cue blushing** I can only hope there's a moment in time ur able to steal for urself to decompress after a long week or enjoy the company of a coffee date to initiate ur day. I often times have chats with strangers n get fascinated by how freely they feel comfortable with sharing deets. The kindness of acknowledging someone's existence doesn't go unnoticed n that's my favorite part of Sip Trip Saturday's. Being amongst the people teaches u this thing bigger than Nino Brown n it ain't always about chew.

Happy National Coffee Day!!

P.S. If you've made this far, I appreciate ur time. First 5 readers get coffee on me, leave me a note in the comments on where ur celebrating n what's in the cup for coffee day then send me ur cash app via

DM's on IG: @ballsofbeautyblog .

Void where prohibited n by that I mean Rickey is ineligible to win! Giveaway doesn't extend after today. Nice n simple right? Even if u see 5 comments, keep the party goin :)

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1 commentaire

29 sept. 2023

Well, well, well… why it seems that it’s my lucky day!! I am so glad I had a free moment to stop and read your blog this morning. Look at God! lol I will happily accept my free cup of joe. Thank you kindly! I actually planned on visiting my favorite patisserie (🤫) today in Annapolis for some sweet treats so instead of my usual.. tea, I’ll try a nice cup of coffee.

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