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Sip Trip Saturday: Recap

Happy SaturYAY!!! Welp...the people have spoken n #SipTrips are a HIT!! I must say; it's been my slice of joy after a long week n even more of a pleasure to share with you. My wknd coffee runs have been my mini escapes from the real world n I pause with every sip to fully enjoy the flavor n take it all in while I sit in the moment. The weather forecast is looking to be nice this wknd so it'll be a lot of dropped tops haha so this jumpstart of caffeine will be perfect.

I don't know about chall but this week has been heavy! This is becoming a season of loss n with upcoming holidays along with a new year looming; times can get rough n u feel like the world is caving in on ur shoulders. This is why it's imperative to find some intentional time to self to allow urself some breathing room. Sip Trips is where I can pour into myself **pun intended** and exhale to take on the weekend n recharge for an upcoming week.

Enjoy a fresh recap of my previous Sip Trips thus far:

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