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Sip Trip Saturday: Coffee Underground

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

As we were heading down to South Carolina, along the ride we all tossed out what we wanted to do during the visit. Our main purpose of the visit was to see our beloved Marci but also on the priority list-for me-was to find a local coffee spot while we were staying. I knew I didn't wanna do my default of Starbucks n figured it would be fun to explore a coffee spot I wouldn't be able to indulge everyday. As I'm explaining the idea n context to why I wanna keep up my Saturday tradition, my BD comes up wit calling my sessions "Sip Trips" in the same concept of how Fox 5 DC does their segment called Zip Trips.

So now I'm excited. Even more excited we were gonna do it as a family. I am typically solo on my coffee runs becuz I know not everyone is down to get up so early n start their day in the same manner n with such vigor. I start searching coffee shops that would also have decent aesthetics to go along with my poses. After careful research, I decided to visit....

From the time I stepped in, I knew it was a vibe. It's dimly lit and you'll feel like you've stepped into a cozy living room. There's a space for hosting comedy shows, poetry night and local performers. I'm sure if I lived here, it would be my go to. My drink was the Hot Frog (white chocolate n caramel) latte. It was delish!! Another reason I like small n local businesses for coffee is becuz they have higher quality of roasted coffee since it's roasted in smaller batches. I can appreciate per sip when I taste the difference in small vs commercial chains.

Of course my photoshoot was photobombed by a Terror Tot **eyeroll** and I had to think of creative ways to work around him lol. After enjoying the ambiance, we hit the streets yet stayed close. Coffee Underground is nestled away in the heart of downtown Greenville. They have restaurants n boutiques nearby for ur shopping needs and the weather was perfect too.

If ever u find urself in Greenville, SC dont be surprised to see these little critters scurried about-no worries...they are statues. Apparently, u can have a scavenger hunt with these Mice on Main. After learning the history, I was low-key on the hunt. We found a good 6 or 7 out of 9. It was fun becuz I didn't wanna seem press I was lookin hard n got hella hyped when I spotted em. I did have a little helper too who's eyes I used for the smaller crevices of town!

What I enjoyed most about my coffee find were my dates that accompanied me. It's exciting bringing someone into my world. For someone to make intentional time n do something out of the ordinary is a love language to me. What a great gesture right?! It was so nice, we dipped twice. I got the Honey Bee Latte before hitting the road for home. was good. I'll definitely make it a pit stop when I go back to visit.

So where to next for #SipTrips ??? Hmm...back to finding local spots in the #DMV n remember, I am open to suggestions. If there's a coffee shop u think I should visit; hit me up-u know u can find me on IG and Tik Tok as @daintylaydee (I know right, lol). Also, if u find urself taking a random sip trip, be sure to pause n take a few shots-twirl n enjoy...then tag me!

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