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Sip Trip Saturday: Wee Bean Coffee Roasters

This was an unexpected treat. Why? Becuz I am NEVER in this neck of the woods. Upon such a rare moment, I found this hidden gem nestled away along 301 in LaPlata called Wee Bean Coffee Roasters. For this to be such a quaint spot, the passion is definitely in the coffee n the love doesn't go unnoticed. I am an early bird. I typically like to grab my coffee by 0730a. I am always impressed when I'm greeted with a warm smile as I understand everyone isn't a morning person. I've been here multiple times by now and I must say...EVERY time it's a hug in a smile soon as u enter the door.

It's the "little" things that make my day n that would entail great customer service. This is why I prefer smaller businesses. They feel more intimate n homey. Since it was my first time, I had no idea what to get n I was so excited to see the options, I got a bit overwhelmed.

I've had the Brown Butter Vanilla (fave), Snickerdoodle and MD Terrapin (caramel n chocolate hazelnut). I've yet to go wrong. U can switch em up as u please like making a macchiato into a latte or coming up w/ur own concoction. What makes them unique from other cafes is they have their own roaster which was neat to see as u can witness the beauty n magic merge in the bar area.

This is top notch coffee for sure. If I didn't live so far, it would be my weekend go to. I will go on a limb to say...if ever I'm feeling adventurous they are worth the trip JUST for some coffee. Another cherry on top is the baked goods from local right. As if the coffee n ambiance didn't already sell me...they offered some delicious macaroons. The creme brûlée was THE BEST macaroon I've had in my life **drools**

I have no idea who is responsible for these macaroons of lusciousness but ONE is all u need to satisfy the craving. I've only ever gotten this flavor n S'mores. The CB is still THE one. I savor each bite with closing my eyes n chewing becuz it takes me to another place even for a slight moment.

Farm Rio Dress
Dress if Farm Rio (old)

This was a fun surprise as they have a lot to offer. I can tell the locals fully support this spot and take pride in maintaining its care. U can surely taste the quality n organic-ness in every sip. I enjoyed my sip n pose session here n if ever ur in the Southern MD area make sure u stop pass. They have a lot to offer for sure. Next time I go, I wanna take part in the roasting-I think that'll be fun to be apart of the process :)

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