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Revised Werk Couture

I absolutely LOVE playing dress up especially for work. During a hiatus of wearing uniforms as a dispatcher for about 8 yrs, I got back into the 9 to 5 world with a newfound freedom in which I could dress to impress. I've shared my Werk Couture series previously and also my style story to give a glimpse of how we got here n now I am updating to where we goin!

All my life I had to fight...ok no I ain't had to fight but if u are familiar with "playing the game" from our beloved Baby Boomers, you'd understand the gratitude I have to be where I am today. I've never had to do any strenuous work like I'm in construction but I've definitely made some sacrifices n decisions for the greater good. Taking 2 steps back to get 3 steps forward n not knowing how long I had to sit in those steps back n often times the vision of forward looked murky.

I am so blessed to have come across fairy godmothers in previous jobs who I keep in touch with to this day. I tell yall all the time...u need a group of elders to keep u grounded. They will give u the truth with no spoons of sugar. I am open to solicited n unsolicited advice from elders becuz while times may have changed...shyt really do remain the same. They hold u accountable way more than ur friends wit no cut cards. It's all outta love! They tell me all the time, I've been down this road before n I don't want u making the same mistakes I made. Take it or leave it. I am able to chew the meat n spit out the bone as it relates to life advice.

I learned how to professionally dress from watching my mother. She died before I entered into the office environment hence my fairy godmothers who continued to lead the way. While I do not show up to work in a full fledge suit, I am modernized in my office attire. I do not wear anything off the shoulder, spaghetti straps, distressed, tight or too short. I am a bit old school in that aspect n I know it's a fine line we teeter as it relates to what is appropriate n offices are.a bit relaxed to business casual. These younger generations should be able to look to us for options n examples but that's another convo!

Fast forward to my current position. I am in a position to where I gotta officially grow up n looking the part is encompassed in that-I am up for the challenge. I am venturing off to making black n white with a splash of color my signature office look.

Trust me the thought of this transition caused my tear ducts to tickle becuz yall know I love me some color. To be honest's time! I want my style to show growth, maturity n mirror the elevation in my career as well. Make no mistake, color will always be apart of my aesthetics just on the wknds n out of the office days. I am in my 40's n I am as young as I'll ever be in this moment.

Is ya ready? Are u ready? I am ready! Have u had a style shift lately? Thinking of toning it down or turning it up? Where are u in ur style journey? Let me know in the comments.

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