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OooH Forty Tew

This is officially my New Year as I add +1 to my age. I am all over the place with emotions and don't take these 365 days for granted. Last year, I stopped to think how I was the age of my mom when she died n realized how young it is even in ur 40's. My parents are only 20 yrs older than me n my grandma is +18 from that. I can't imagine not being here when I am finally hitting my stride n actually LIVING!!

Every year instead of resolutions, I like to do themes. I will reveal my theme on the next post. I just wanna focus on my birthday in this one.

Previous themes to check out:

What do I have planned for my birthday??? Not sure if yall notice but when Aquarius season hits, we don't need to do all that parades of reminders n "its our season" meme's becuz we ain't press for the fanfare. That's them other zodiacs that be press to wave the flag-we could care LESS!! I'm not a party gal, I'm not celebrating all month or all weekend-JUST TODAY! I celebrate with a spa day n lunch/dinner. It's pretty much a tradition at this point. I'm low-key!

Today is a day where I take a breather n give glory n praises for another year. There's a reason I'm still around cuz Gawd ain't done wit me yet. Just seeing how I can challenge myself for the year n add structure around aspects of my life to achieve some goals.

Step by step, day by day is all I can do. I'm enjoying the aging process where I have sureness of myself n no obligation to please others. I feel no pressure to prove nothing to nobody!

Thank you all for the birthday messages n wishes-most importantly, the love! ooooh yall I'm Forty Tew-EEEK!! I appreciate chall taking the time to acknowledge lil' ol' meeeee...

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