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Nordstrom Styler 4 the Stylist

Although I am my own stylist, there are times where I don't wanna think n just be! I had already indulged in granted access to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (see previous post) early but also tossed some things on the wishlist for part 2 to possibly grab later. Well as luck would have it, I was minding my own business when @nordstrom reached out with an opportunity for a stylist to suit my needs **pun intended** I pondered on it for a few days becuz I am picky n my personality is my theme until I finally said...let's do it.

I may be a beginner at some things, but I've got a black belt in shopping.

-Phyllis Nefler

I was paired with Stylist Taylor at Nordstroms in Tysons Corner and she rolled out the red carpet upon arrival. I was already in communications with her prior to tell her my style: I like comfy cozy couture and I'm also on the hunt for a white t-shirt dress. I am always open to veer off the path with what catches my eye too. Taylor had a room prepped n ready for me!

Lavender Chai Latte from Nordstrom
My Complimentary Lavender Chai Latte served with love

It's a tradition for me to shop Nordstrom with a lavender chai in hand (sometimes with a dash of blueberry syrup-thank me later). Once she handed me this love in a cup, I was ready to start my try on session...let's get started...

I had to assess the room. I'm used to bringing as much as I can hold into a dressing room at one time and this was twice the amount so I was almost overwhelmed. It's like having ur own shopping area in one room all to urself. There's also a secluded area outside the dressing room with mirrors and stage...plenty of space for ur own runway!

Life of a tall girl is finding the perfect jeans but also joggers that don't overly expose the ankle. As comfy n cute as these are; the price tag of $225 didn't impress me to make the splurge esp not having faux pockets.

The fun part of having a stylist is being introduced to brands u weren't aware of. I normally stick to what I know but this Veronica Beard was definitely within my realm of style. It's versatile and perfect for Fall. It does have some weight to it which suits me cuz I am not a coat person. I could fit this solid size 12 n envisioned this being apart of my #WerkCouture hooooowever **gulps at price tag** This was a reality check for me to start investing in quality pieces over quantity becuz this will surely last over the years. Let's just time, I'm gonna give Taylor a budget lol. I like to do a set budget with some wiggle room cuz for some body always loves expensive shyt lol.

This dress was literally better than I envisioned when requesting a white shirtdress. It's just everythiiiiing. You can wear it with or without the slim tie belt included. Yall know I love an oversized flowy look. This is another **looks at price** investment piece. The classiest part about this dress that I love is how it comes with a slip dress underneath...u know...for those who show they azz without showing they azz ;)

I'd like to also offer up an alternative of the white shirtdress look for a fraction of the price with Madewell. I tried it on for the first go round in XL and I suggest sizing down!

The shirtdress looks are perfect seasonal transitions because u can layer them with dusters n robes. Or turn it into a duster n rock em over jeans. Dress 'em up with pumps, boots or casual footwear (yall know it would always be converse for me) n voila-the possibilities are endless. I'm also thinking of just getting an oversized dress shirt from the men's section of a thrift store to satisfy my craving too.

I kinda like the shearling trend. Wearing it makes u feel like ur wrapped in a hug lol. BlankNYC always has cute jackets at reasonable prices whether on sale or not. This denim shearling is sooo cute-yet sold out **cue tomato throw n boos** I passed on this jacket becuz I'm a poncho n wrap queen. Also check out their motojackets!!

If it's one thing imma gravitate to its anything lounge-y! I am preparing to be nestled up n hunkered down for cold winter months whether snuggled in a throw or the arms of somebody's pop pop...imma be comfortable. It's just mandatory of my attire these days. These FRAME double knit joggers felt soooo good on n hugged curves just right. I passed on these for a pair of conservatively priced ones.

My favorite outfit of them all. OPEN EDIT is a new brand at Nordies and YES, u should check em out. This whole outfit was under $100: Joggers here +crop sweatshirt here (worn oversized). They also come in more colors. U can also interchange the tops with another option of this tunic hoodie.

Overall my Stylist Taylor (at Tyson's Corner) was great and very accommodating. She gave me breathing room n checked on me to see how I was doing. When I came up with another idea of styles, she was on it n grabbed my vision. I narrowed my choices down to what I knew I'd wear more often than not. I definitely stayed within budget between my leftover nordie notes + $50 courtesy of Nordstrom. I am open to receiving my blessings!! I'll use the styling services more often actually becuz it was fun playing dress up and discovering new brands. I am DONE with Nordies n this sale lol...well...I am still eyeballing this Barefoot Dreams throw but I may wait til Xmas for that one cuz I'm tapped out.

Are u down to try styling services? Do u know ur style? Looking for a new look...makeover? Even when ur a stylists, nothing wrong with getting help from a styler.

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