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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2022: Beauty

It's the most wonderful tiiiiiime of the yeeeear!! I've been participating in #NordstromAnniversary sales for over ten years n the excitement leading up to the day never gets old for me. When I started in 2010, they'd send a catalog in the mail to preview n I'd treat it like the infamous Toys R Us Christmas books where you'd circle n fold pages as a wishlist. I prep with a budget months in advance n hoard "nordy notes" throughout the holidays for this moment. This year my theme was different. I focused on allowing others experience the hype n momentum of the sale. I invited two close friends for a styling session and took Mason on a mini spree to freshen his wardrobe.

I used my girls as guinea pigs to practice styling sessions-a role I am going to walk into sooner than later. If u have a teen child, seems like it's tough seeing em outside of their uniform of hoodies, sweats n crocs **eyeroll** but surprisingly he did pick out a button up. I am excited to share the event buuuuut not on this post haha. I wanna share what I grabbed during the sale-which isn't much. Becuz I am such a pro, I intentionally shop'd n kept my budget smaller than usual n really only grabbed some things of "need" for the tradition of the sale.

By far my most reached for mascara is from Lancome. When it comes in a bundle I take advantage cuz I use it daily. If I'm lucky I'll catch a falling star n it'll come back out in blue (sapphire) **crossing fingers**

Funny story on this one...I was able to get a VIP preview weeks in advance n have my SA jot down my list so I could grab it when it dropped. Well...when the sale started; apparently there was something wrong with production n it never made it to the floor. Nordies pretty much just honored a similar set for the sale price. The only difference in the set is the anniversary one had Mojave Ghost instead of Blanche.

And it relates to beauty-DASSIT!! When u shop the beauty section at ur local Nordies spot, ur SA will bless u with gobs of extra's to try. I use the samples for my "heaux bag" n they keep my toiletries stuffed. I was able to score some Tory Burch before they premiered in stores ;) so don't be afraid to also ask em for some samples becuz it'll come in handy for travel times. The rest of my haul to share are clothes-none of which were apart of the anniversary sale but more so the clearance haha. Since ur eyes are prolly hurting from so much yellow lol, I'll spare yall n do a part two.

Did anyone else live in @nordstrom during the duration of the sale...or just me? Tag me in ur hauls n random finds ESP the clearance section **heart winks**

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