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Red Lips Of Love: Finale

Day 28: Red Lips of Love

I must say...I didn't think I'd make it here. When I challenged myself to wear #RedLipstick for a whole azz month, I was nervous. I had already tossed it out there to make myself accountable so having to back it up was scary. I have a history of being inconsistent, procrastination with a slight overcast of overthinking **gasp** so when 01 Feb hit, I was amped n hit the ground running. I never anticipated the change that came with the challenge.

If you're familiar with the backstory: The Power of Red then you'd understand my low-key hesitance of the infamous red shade to be worn on my face. I'm actually surprised I had so many options of red becuz its the least worn shade. I went for the gusto yall. Even when I didn't go outside (majority of the month lol) I was in the house sitting pretty in red. To some it might sound crazy becuz who "wastes makeup" when they have no where to go. I've proven that I don't need a special occasion to be the occasion n reason I dress up so the touch of red lipstick was just an extra touch.

Out of 28 days, I skipped out twice n felt guilty becuz it means I missed my mark. That quickly subsided when I recognized that's a helluva record for a first timer n I'm still proud of myself. It helped me stay consistent with blogging n having a social media presence as well. To rediscover some old time faves made my heart smile and the encouragement from others felt good too. I didn't know my own strength **in my Nippy voice** and I will was a MUST to wear foundation with a red lip. I hate a dry face wit a red lip cuz then heaux be looking ashy lol-no bueno!! I kept it pretty simple with a 10 min face but the red lips was such a BOOM u don't need to do much which I appreciated. For that alone, it amp'd me to know I can do this beyond the challenge. I perfected a good "default" face with little as possible.

Of all the red lippies, I prefer a more matte finish. There's something grown n sultry about the way a matte red gives off a quiet confidence on a woman's face. It's like u already SEE it cuz it's red but a matte allows the rest of the face to naturally glow. It also leaves a stain as the wear goes on throughout the day so there's little to no retouches. Just make sure ur lips are READY haha. I meeeean the prep is key-lip scrub n mask before application.

Red Vinyl Patent Leather Trench Coat
This trench sounds exactly how it looks

What I like most about this challenge was the boost n rejuvenation of being a woman wearing a red lips gives. Even under a mask, although the public couldn't see I had on lipstick, u'd be able to tell I had on something by the way my body moved n my attitude (I'll expand on that another time ;) but just sayin...). My eyes did all the smiling but I felt sexy n mysterious with this red lip. I can appreciate anything that enhances but also makes a great addition to this life of abundance mindset. This whole month was a celebration beyond proving to myself iiiiii could do this. Moving forward, I'll be wearing a red lip more often than not. My typical lip is anything in the nude family so I'm excited I broke out my shell.

Now let's get into the inspo for this grand finale look....daaaarliiiings...this was fun n I chuckled at myself soooo hard cuz it really turned out as I pictured LOL!! Like the idea popped in my head after one of my favorite thrift boutique-ers; Modretro Couture posted this red patent leather trench. I had INSTANTLY fell in love becuz its red annnnd it just gave off 80's for me. It put me in the mind frame to recreate an icon of a cult classic movie n I hit up amazon for the main piece to bring it together. VOILA-Cherry Couture was born!

Overall, this month of February was fun! I continue to show myself that when u show up for urself everything aligns accordingly. I am loving the direction n clarity I'm getting as I continue to push myself out of bounds n just go for it. We can talk all the manifestations we want n spew out all the ideas we have in our heads but if there's no ACTION behind it-how will we ever know! I'm sure I will redo this challenge February 2023 with additions to get yall more involved so we can do it together. Who knows, I might do a month of all Pinks...Nudes...Vampy...hmmm...we shall see.

Thank you all for the recommendations cuz the LipBar was clutch!! I started to drop the links to the previous posts of the series for a roundup but said umm...naaaah...that's too easy for yall lol. Feel free to play catch up as time permits and look around...stay a little while longer and be sure to SUBSCRIBE so u can have some balls dropped in ur inbox. Also, SHARE cuz while I know I'm the best kept secret; there's no need to be stingy **tee hee**

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