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National Hat Day

15 Jan: National Hat Day

Now this is a day I can get wit...hats! We love to wear them to hide chaos underneath. For years growing up, I thought LL Cool J had his kangol glued to his scalp n well shocker-after he started going without, I wanted him to go back! I clearly learned hats serve more than just one function.

Havana, Cuba
That one Cuba

Did u know...the original hat version was made of straw? It was for weather protection n ceremonial functions. While there are many styles n types of hats we adorn our crowns to make statements with, we tend to wear many hats throughout our daily life. We swap hats from the time we rise to the time we set n some hats are heavier than others. What's interesting to witness is how we manage those hats. When I'm at work, my co-worker hat is strong. I take nothing personal in the work office becuz I just wanna get it done n go home to change into another hat.

My mom hat can be floppy around the brim. Having two shyt be cocked to the side at times. It's my most prized hat to grace my noggin tho. My After Hours hat needs to be dusted off haha but juggling many hats for us can be overwhelming. Being the friend, confidant, parent, employee or dmn u can easily blow ur top at any given moment trying to hold it down on ur head n not allow a gust of wind to blow it off. Sheesh!!

You ever notice the difference in a man's cap vs women's? Men caps seem to be more structured n firm. I like em cuz the fedora's be stiff. Men also seem to take their hat grabs more seriously lol. While they get fitted, I've always just seen a hat that catches my eye n take it then worry about adjusting it to fit later n making it work. I love extravagant hats that make bold statements which is why I love to shop vintage n my hat collection is a range from turbans to fascinators becuz it adds pizazz to an outfit.

"A person carries off the hat. Hats are about emotion. It is all about how it makes you feel.” – Philip Treacy

Wearing a hat used to symbolize authority n power becuz it covered ur head n held ur thoughts so changing it meant changing ur opinions (refer to story above). Whether u celebrate #HatDay with an ode to fashion, social status or religious reasons; wear them proudly. Where them hats in honor of whomever u hold dear to ur heart.

Happy National Hat Day!!

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