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Sip Trip: Basecamp Coffee Roasters

It was a cooooold azz Saturday...I mean BLISTERING cold n I stumbled upon a coffee shop nearby my "home" (Nordies) n needed a place to keep warm til they opened lol. This joint was totally in the cut n Basecamp Coffee Roasters was a good stumble.

What a wonderful way to be greeted upon my arrival :D I thought this display of my love life was cute near the entrance n it was spacious for me to make my way around to Sip n Pose. Basecamp combines their passion for coffee n climbing, so how cool is it, they are attached to an indoor rock climbing center called Vertical Rock. The aesthetics around the cafe all makes sense now!

I skipped the rock climbing as I was a tad...under dressed lol...ok I'm lying...I ain't bout breaking a nail. I was there to enjoy some coffee n people watch. They offer 5 different brewing methods found here n I most intrigued by the Japanese slow drip. The extraction process involves water n coffee beans to meet drip by drip for over 14 hrs to create a cold brew that's EXTREMELY caffeinated so I can't even imagine what that feels like.

Even tho I skipped the Japanese Drip n opted for the caramel-ish latte, overall the barista's were really helpful. The establishment was clean n even tho I was there early (before 0800a, seemed to get busy after 0930a), it still had some early risers n we had plenty of space. It's a great lounge space off the beaten path for sure. They have an extensive menu to pick from n the perks to send the kids literally next door to wall climb while ur nearby sounds good to me. I've had a pretty good experience here n appreciated they let me use space as my back drop to be a photographer-it was fun. Basement Camp Coffee Roasters for the win!!

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