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Monk Mode Trend

Part of awareness is being able to identify when the universe is talkin to u. Pay attention to random thoughts or those little nudges we brush off which don't do nothin but boomerang back in front of u by way of algorithms, commercials, side convo's or how about this...Tik Tok trends, lol. I just think it's funny that...

In July during this post, I mentioned something brewing in the atmosphere and during this post, I mentioned a Summer Sabbatical. Well as I'm randomly watching the news, I see Gen Z-ers have caught up to my posts lol n wouldja looka here; New York Post reported on a trend called Monk Mode. In a nutshell, it's where we start to see how overly connected we are to social media n looking for ways to pull back from the addiction. A social media detox if u will. I was just thinkin a few wknds ago as we were enjoying good weather, how Nickelodeon would have a day of no programming to promote kids to go outside n play. I believe we need one of those moments in the form of social media glitches. Where we just take a BREAK n get back to the wholesome n good ol' days of organic interactions.

Our attentions spans are sooooo small n we've lost the art of small talk with strangers. Just go out n people watch n see how many heads are down or lack of engagement with groups becuz everyone in sync on the phone. I am victim to going down rabbit holes of social media myself. I meeeeaaaan hellooooo...I'm a blogger :D but I've gone out with my sisterfluencers n we've not taken one pic of food or the infamous "we link'd up" pic to post becuz we just simply enjoyed each others company n play'd catch up. I also have friends who aren't in the content world to where we just live in the moment n not only do I respect their privacy, I truly enjoy the sisterhood n value the time we spend that doesn't need to be documented.

When I did my sabbatical which was only the brink of what I really wanna do, I was able to partake in so much more time of slowing down n giving gratitude to these tiny blessings we take for granted. When me n Mason have our mommy n son dates, there is NO PHONES out n we chit chat. I catch up with his life n there's no judgement as I remove my mommy cap. When I have Toot in tow, I can't let the apps distract me cuz the way that boy moves, I gotta keep up wit his azz! That chunk of time u remove urself from social media, u will find urself more productive. Pour into a hobby or craft you've been putting off or not having time for. There is an aspect of discipline you'll hone though so my next go round, I wanna incorporate exercise. I take random walks now just for fresh air n it does clear my mind.

So what do u think of this Monk-ness? Are u down to give up scrolling n posting or cut back? I will say...even after a week or'll start to get addicted n try n remember to peek back. As a content creator, I am trying to find the balance in this but I do see the benefits of removing the distractions. There are many levels to fasting so don't feel pressured to cold turkey it cuz the journey is all of what YOU make it.

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I do it every year during lent and I am waaay more productive. The sad part is when I give up social media I find myself checking my email more to make up for it smh. It's like I need some type of fix. These phones are truly addictive, it's the new wave of crack. Electronic crack! I think I may do a 30 day social media cleanse soon just for GP.

kisha no e
kisha no e

Electronic Crack indeed lol. Thirty days? hmmm...that's a good start.

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