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Laydee of Leisure

The definition of a woman of leisure is one who doesn't earn a living on her own which leaves them to have time to do things for pleasure. I can assure u I am not that-by definition. While I do have contributions to sponsor my leisurely activities haha, I do not rely on those blessings solely to maintain the lifestyle. When I mention being a Laydee of Leisure, it's promoting free time to do activities that enhances individual behavior along with ur personality n attitude.

GET A LIFE!! In a nutshell. I could totally end the post there but that would be too easy. Our culture has become littered with women who are uninspired, struggling with their love lives, tired from overly working n lowkey depressed. The blessing in having to sit our azzez down during a pandemic was forcing us to face sitting in stillness surrounded by 4 walls. It can be ugly facing what we tend to ignore becuz we busy on the move allllll the tiiiiime. What has become of my life!!

A woman that carves out time for pleasure is a woman that creates space for inspiration, connection and love. -Tonya Leigh, School of Self-Image

Importance of leisure is to keep stress low and improve ur quality of life. It would something worth making time for to combat depression (I ain't no doctor so don't quote me). This is why I don't be in no rush when I move. I'm not power walking, I ain't driving fast nor running red lights to get to my destination. I allot time as needed. I wanna take it all in n smell the roses. I carve time out for my #SipTrips n window shopping is meditation along with blogging as an outlet.

Note: NAPS are included in leisure time lol n if ur within my age group, it's basically mandatory lol.

Qualities of Leisure:

  • making intentional time

  • choosing something meaningful

  • being at peace

  • explores fresh ideas

  • jolts creativity

  • physically active (I ain't bussing no sweat but I am movin)

Taking control of myself in the moment allows me to avoid the state of constant tension n lets me freely relax to engage in the mystery of life becuz I am understanding of the unknown. This is another reason why I like eating out vs takeout n lingering after a meal so I can be present. I take long luxuriating baths listening to Jazz, R&B or podcasts....I've even listened to elevator music in the morning becuz its soothin n away from chaos online.

Free time away from the responsibilities of being a mom n pausing from work is relaxing. I can even enjoy a day of NOTHING n not feel guilty becuz we need rest to rejuvenate n reset. I've become more impactful thereafter n powerful after making this connection. It feels amazing!!

Challenge urself to take up to 30 min a day for pleasure-no agenda n goals but just to enjoy that piece of time. It could be meditating, resting ur eyes, people watching, brisk walk-something!

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