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Keep it Cute on Mute

Entering into this blogging space, I knew there would be politics u have to acknowledge n learn how freedom of speech ain't free. I do not like disclaimers n being censored-it's the Aquarian in me! I have an appreciation for creativity and understand the language of those misunderstood. However, u can't expect everyone to see the world as u do n for that-I am gonna keep it cute on mute moving forward. For the sake of progressing in a way I'd like myself and my blog to go...I clearly have to curve some thaaaangs in a manner that keeps a general message across the board without losing my sense of ME.

I totally get why Beyonce doesn't do interviews n she doesn't speak much. I also loved how models back in the day only spoke with their sense of style n runway walk. I warn yall I am not politically correct n it's hard for me to articulate when I do talk becuz it's hard for me to have a filter. When people invite to their podcasts, I am hesitant. I do not speak the norm n we are in an era where everyone is easily offended, looking to be offended or offended to be offended; its as if u walk on eggshells. I do not want my words n actions to be taken out of context n I value YOU for taking the time to follow, like, share n kiki w/me in the DM's. I appreciate fostering relationships outside of social worlds to show more than a 30 sec glimpse of a click. I fancy my friends from day one's to fresh one's which means I am not above a tug on the coat tails to reel me back in becuz I stand by it taking a village.

If there's one trait I know I have is a sense of humility n I can also be accountable for my actions. With that being said...I had feedback from a person who was dear to me n it made me pause. I paused so much that I used a life line for a 2nd opinion who helped me view it on a devils advocate side. I pretty much blurred the lines to merge my personal n blogging space whereas they should definitely be separate. As it relates to myself, my algorithms have changed becuz I don't keep up wit the trash tv or ratchet accts where I gain no value. It's made a world a difference for me. Its like glasses have been cleaned n I can clearly see shyt for what it is. I can respect everyone's opinions n see the good in everybody's walks of life. No matter how different we are, we end up full circle as the same. Becuz I do love to laugh n often joke, newbies who peek in are unaware to the shenanigans! I am not looking to be no shock jock, mean girl nor Judge Judy. I could care less what store ur dollar takes u to n YES bonnets in public make me cringe. Do I need to say it out loud? Nope! My unpopular opinions aren't meant to talk down on nobody n I have no problem apologizing if it makes someone feel some kind of way. It should matter how someone makes u feel.

Lisseeeeeen...I like my karma clean n the ability to be good in any hood. I can't grow if I don't know so I would appreciate feedback n comments left in the box outside my door. I want my brand to continue being the inspiration, motivation n elevation needed in the community. I'll just revamp the way I deliver the message to be well-received by the masses becuz u never know who's watching. I can also say...I am not for everyone cuz u can't please em all-that is okaaaaaay! I've been doin something right to where I get invited into VIP spaces n hosting events-let's keep the party goin!

For professional purposes just note silence can't be misquoted.

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