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How to Clean Yo Mirror: Until U Do...

I had no idea it's been so long since I'd done a mirror clean n yall ain't eem remind me of such, smh!! Shame! Shame! Shame!! Ok I know it was all me cuz they've been in the tuck for a while. I have no excuse outside of me being in my own way. For those new here...I have a "segment of the show" (series on the blog) called How to Clean Yo Mirror where I use this as a space to become vulnerable n share how I've overcome obstacles of insecurity, uncertainty n doin the hardest thing we tend to avoid-looking in the mirror n taking accountability. I know why these posts have been far n between to non-existent **le sigh** and so here I am ripping the bandaid off...once again.

Yes...this post is totally inspired by the adage of Miss Ceelie's moment taking back her power. Until You Do Right by Yourself...everything u do gonna be stagnant, slow to grow, on hold n will basically have u running in place. For whatever reason...u are going nowhere fast until u learn to prioritize urself. This is not to say phk erybody imma do me in a selfish manner yet the self act which will benefit others.

How do u honor urself?

Meaning...what does it look like for u to recognize ur importance with the thoughts and beliefs of urself and how do u navigate the desires to honor urself at a high level. This looks different for us depending on where we are in life however, no matter the level, u can still esteem urself. It didn't hit me until consistently making my Sip Trips "a thing" that I was performing an honor to myself by carving out time to recharge.

If ever u wanna radically change ur life ur gonna have to learn to speak up for urself-Power of NO n create healthy boundaries. Little did I know, I've been crafting how to honor by practicing a lifestyle I now share with u all...anyone remember this one: Being Picky w/my Presence. I've been connecting with people who matter n add value as we pour into each other. One of the biggest tribute's to pay is keeping ur word. This is where integrity makes a major play becuz growing up I've always heard "ur word is ur bond" n I know men take this in high regard. This March will make a full year I've committed to Pilates. I've been going every week, sometimes twice a week with my monthly subscription. I knew once I made the investment from the monthly budget, I'd remain committed-AND DID!!!

To honor urself is to respect urself. It's what u also do when nobody's looking. U can't preach to others about affirmations n giving uplifting advice when u urself don't practice the sentiments. You will notice shyt move n shake in ways beyond ur wildest dreams. Remember how Miss Ceelie flourished after she broke free from Mista.

Learn to give urself the admiration u deserve n not look for the validation from others first. Also note, the higher up u go to implement such an appreciation for urself you'll need to drop old habits that die hard and even people who won't understand the new language u speak. Creating practices n making healthy choices will help u perform in ways to shift ur mindset to walk in directions thinking highly of urself.

There is a cost to everything n the price ur willing to pay is what ur giving. Choose to pay urself first becuz the most expensive cost will be to honor urself.

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