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Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day! Not only was this VDay weekend but also add Super Bowl Sunday n u got one tiiiired Monday (which should be a holiday). Although there are some anti-valentines day-ers becuz they don't stand behind the commercial-ness of it n don't understand why we celebrate it-I am here for alllllll of it. I am not a history buff to fully explain the mystery of Saint Valentine nor am I biblical to confirm if he was some Harriet Tubman to help Christians escape Roman prisons where they were beatened n tortured. There's a few stories of the myth in an article on the History channel which are interesting.

Nonetheless..after the blah blah blah of it all...I still don't fully understand. I celebrate it becuz it's always been a tradition in our household. Back in elem our classroom would have a party n exchange those mini cards. One year, my mama ran to People's drugstore (now CVS) and got her purse snatched leaving out. She came home mad they got her wallet but still had the bag of cards n candy. Every year on February 14th, I would wake up to a card and a small gift like a pair of earrings or nail polish set-just something slight to celebrate the day. I carry on the tradition with my own kids. When Mason was younger I'd get him a mini monster truck n now it's game gift cards.

Having said that...what do you do if u come across a significant other who doesn't celebrate the day? How do you come to a compromise so you both don't lose? That is my current struggle! I'm like it's just one day but I also know if there's something I don't celebrate I wouldn't wanna be forced to be apart of it. Almost like when people convert religions for their partners. This is a bit of conundrum cuz while I am surrounded by love from those who celebrate it with me, it's different when it comes from ur actual Valentine. It doesn't stop how I operate with my gifting process but yes, I celebrate all the holidays...commercialized or quirky ones like Left Handers Day n I may even get creative for April fools. Sooo whatchu think? Love em or leave em alone!!

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