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Fendi Friday

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

This is merely an appreciation post for the mule lover in u and apparently me. As my style is evolving, I look to investing in timeless pieces n if I dip into luxury brands, please believe the purchase will withstand the test of time n transcend beyond whatever the current trend could be.

I grabbed these from Neiman's about 2 yrs ago. I actually chased them down becuz they went on sale from $750 to $300 n it's hard when ur shoe size is an 8 (I get 39-40's) so u gotta act fast. This shoe is everything a gal can dream of when she's going for a simple yet effective look. I appreciate the adjustable buckle to feel secure while walking.

If I am being totally honest....I haven't much worn these n can count on less than a hand these sliding across cement. I just don't wanna crease them lol. Is that how guys feel in Jordan's hahaha. They are such works of art n the structure of them makes me wanna keep em in pristine condition. When I do wear them, they pair well with jeans n even the most basic outfit is elevated to effort in these. Yall know pointy toes can do no wrong in my eyes but don't be fooled...these are NOT to be walking a mile me-I know! After a while it'll cut into ur foot near the front **ouch** Other than that...I'm totally satisfied :)

Revisiting these pics for a post is making me wanna bring em out n take em for another spin!

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