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February Faves: Skims

So I did a thing...I dipped into the world of Skims! I had been putting it off for a long time n tossed em in my wishlist. I had honestly forgot about em but every few months, I purge my draws drawer n figured for my birthday, I'd treat myself to some Kardashian undies. Figured I can't go wrong starting with those as an intro in the popular brand.

I went into Nordstrom to feel n see em in person. I didn't wanna trust ordering online. I can tell with the variety offered, the sizing would be tricky but I love the options and how they felt. I settled on the 5 pk of full briefs in the poppy set (XL). I felt like the pack was a deal since the single pairs range from $18-32 depending on the style. After wearing these twice over, I can say they are winners. They are comfy and so light, you'll forget u have em on. Becuz I like the junk in my trunk to feel secured I typically wear high waist briefs n these were buttery soft. I will say...these aren't meant to last long. Again, I do a purge of underwear every 4-5 months but I don't know how u heaux do so just sayin...these skims ain't meant to go wit cho azz into retirement. They'll definitely come in handy under summer dresses to where u can still breathe and I'm totally sold on the draws! I'll prolly try the bodysuits next-we shall see but these skims been on my azz **pun intended** in a solid rotation for the past month or so. I love how sexy they feel riding against the skin...or skim lol. I can prance around in these n feel whimsical which is spoiling me-EEEK!!

Let me know if you've tried this line n what u recommend to suit some comfy couture.

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