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Cozy Boucle Couture

When I say I am picky with what I pay the 5 for Gina...this is a prime example of that. A method to the madness of how I shop can change depending on my mood, funds, availability n how bad do I want it. Yall know I am a lover of wide legs n I pretty much live in my Nike one's u see me wearing more often than not so when these beauties came across my eyeballs...there was no way I was gonna let em sit in my wishlist to await a sale.

Behold...the Phoenix Cozy Boucle Wide Leg Pants from Nike via Nordstrom. Note when I come across a good Nordies find, I don't hesitate to post the link in my IG stories, even if it's something on my radar. The style of these captured my eye n they looked so soft that I could feel the snuggles my thighs would do in these through the screen. Becuz it's a unique design, I knew these wouldn't last long enuff to end up on sale. SO glad I caught em when I did becuz they've been sold out n randomly back in limited stock since mine arrived. My size is an XL but I could've totally sized down to a L but I love how they drag.

They come in 2 more shades and you have matching options for tops. Since this pattern dropped, random pieces to match in different shades have been released. A longline cardigan came up but I was too late so since it was in my wishlist, if it comes back in a Size M or L, I know to snatch it.

Now of course yall know my dressed down is dressed UP right...there's no way ur just gonna catch me in athleisure without dramatic flare. I have big plans for these pants...toss on a black blazer...matching short sleeve top...contrasting sweater.

For today's magic trick, I had something else up my sleeve sure to kick it up a notch...

Now this is pretty much Part II of the outfit post which might just get a post on its own as it has a story to tell lol. I'll spare yall n get to the point tho...if you've listened n watched me on Fashion Mabe's podcast where I recently guest starred on style Ep. 1 "Investing in ur personal style" you know where I'm goin with this...if not...take a listen n come'll ALL make sense.

I must say **toots own horn** not so shabby if I say so myself. This was a fun look I put together n it meshed well. The style story created itself on a whim as I mainly freestyle an outfit. I wanted relaxed n played into the boucle with tossing on my BLANKNYC Shearling Trucker Jacket (on sale) which kept the look casual even with my slingbacks which added the oomph! The bag can be found on my Amazon Storefront ;)

While I do believe these are trendy pants, I do love the versatility of these to be worn in n out the house-hence how I calculate payin the 5 Gina!! Definitely grab em if u can...cuz in the words of Bey...she comfortaaaable!!

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