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Countdown:Lordie Im 40

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

In another 5 months I will be FORTY!!! **gasp** I honestly can't believe I proudly say such a number out loud but I am looking fwd to it. So much so, that I will be dropping a post every month leading up to the grand entry. It's so funny cuz growing up anything over 30 was considered an "old head" n now the kids call us "auntie's" to symbolize an age group-it's all good tho. With all this age comes a lot of wisdom. With aging comes growth. I sit back observing how the younginz move n chuckle.

There is a difference between being grown and adulting. In your 20's you THINK u grown not realizing ur just adulting. I can confidently say I AM GROWN!! I didn't realize how grown I was until my early 30's...ok maybe mid. I can't fully explain the feeling but it's just something magical that flows within u and u can't help but exude the energy without having to say it. I have been admiring those before me who are killing it after 40, I respect my elders lol. The key to growth is being open to random gems our elders drop. You pick up what u will n leave behind what don't want. I totally get it, old folks have old school ways in which we view as outdated-but make no mistake...there is truth to the "circle of life".

Within the last decade, I have been unlearning n open to learning various avenues of how I stroll about life. My kids keep me young and having two on different ends of the spectrum gives me an extra set of eyes to also view life. My parenting style isn't traditional n more on the authoritative vs authoritarian style (most us are accustomed to growing up experiencing) and it works for ME. This is another great thing to enjoy as u get older...u care less n less of what others think!! This also includes how YOU parent YO kids!! People will always have an opinion on what u do n how u moving in life whether solicited or volunteered. It's such a habit old folks have n I subconsciously do it myself but guess what...take it or leave it. Heading into my 40's I am more sure of myself n conscious of moves I make knowing my family depends on it. I sit back n observe more n say less. Over these next 5 months I'll be randomly self-evaluating and reflecting on my journey of my overall living n lifestyle. I am at a good place where my success is measured by happiness-what makes me happy...what brings me joy!

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