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Countdown: Lordie Im 40

EEEK!! In exactly 2 more months...TWO **bites nails** I will be leaving my 30's behind n hitting Fo'Tee. I am excited the closer the calendar dates come to it becuz I am feeling the "change" happening n the hotness finding it's place. I am not quite sure what to be expecting with this aging process but I can attest to feeling my teeth shift n knees crackin which is scary but I'm still tickin (with a stretch or 2 lol).

I am honestly at the point of no return when it comes to #IDGAF and I mean that in the most sincere way as possible. There are two places I am not going with u-back n forth!! I've always been known to have a nonchalant type of attitude n I think that's been to guard the "crazy" from coming out. I don't tend to give folks that kinda power over me to take me close to 10 but there also isn't much to rowl me up. I love a healthy debate but I'm not going to use energy to explain something you can't understand as it pertains to my lifestyle n how I move or why I do what I do. There is a certain confidence which has been built over the course of my life span that makes me feel taller with every step becuz I take pride in the woman I am today n I sleep well at night knowing I do right by people because I have a good heart. Life is Grand :)

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