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Color Block Couture

I appreciate the love n support yall give to sice me up in my honorary styling endeavors. I still have friends who'll randomly hit me up to ask for suggestions n I oblige becuz I'm honored in the consideration alone. The beauty of the fashion game is...inspiration n influence can come from anywhere n anybody. I'm never above submissions from u all n welcome whatever it is u think would look good on me. This post is an ode to my girl LoLo from IG: Cystumofcurves.

A few weeks ago she sent me a message saying how she thought of me when this bag popped up. I said mmmm...yea it's cute n thought nothing of it. I've been in Spring mode since Jan so the idea of a fuzzy bag didn't make me jump to grab it. I checked it out n tossed in my wishlist.

I totally thought nothing of this bag until a sweatshirt I've been eyeballing went on sale n I immediately thought of this bag to pair it with. That solidified me going for the bag becuz I knew I'd be able to wear it on multiple occasions n a pair it elsewhere as well. This is the formula I use to justify my buying these days.

This NIKE Colorblock Sweatshirt went on sale ($50) n I couldn't pass it up. I keep forgetting how oversized these are n ordered a size L making it extra baggy but not enuff for me to exchange cuz if I ever wear em with leggings they'll fall under my wagon I'm draggin! THANK YOU LOLO!! This bag is prettier in person n feels so good. It's a perfect bag to run errands in all over the weekend. The inside isn't overly huge tho but just enuff to fit my essentials (iPad lol). It comes with the optional shoulder strap-I love how chic it looks to hold bags via handles-n totally worth the full price tag. I just didn't wanna chance it waiting for a sale (n will keep my eye out IN CASE it goes on sale for a price adjustment...I am not above!).

How well do ur friends n fam know u to dress u? Are they typically spot on or misses? It would be a fun challenge to dress someone n be their stylists for the day...I might try that (again lol).

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