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Coffee Couture

If ever u truly know me, u know my greatest pleasures to keep me sane is my weekend strolls to Starbucks. It brings me joy to get up fresh n early to start my day with fresh air n people watching. Curling up on a lawn chair to play catch up on social media n what not, then headed to whatever the next spot shall be; Wegmans, Target...Nordies! Becuz I'm known for dramatic flare, there's no surprise that iiiiiii would be the one to come across #coffeesleeves becuz I mean...who doesn't love a good EXTRAness n given I be snapping pics's just right on brand.

If you're like me, u exercise ur creative brain and have all these grand ideas. It would be lovely if only...u could execute! I have come to the conclusion that while I make no mistakes on how I procrastinate, I've also recognized...I am NOT a business woman, boss bytch...entrepre-nothing! I have no motivation or ambition to be in that running a business space-it's just not me. I love to support those to take the leap-iiii am just not one of them. Years ago, I had the idea and concept of #BaeBags which I still loosely do for friends n fam. It's nothing I advertise becuz I like to maintain the pleasure of it not feeling like work. When I came across these coffee sleeves, my mind got the racing n I went into boss mode with grand ideas n how I wanted to market my sleeves. Do I call em "Coffee Couture Cuffs", "Couture Coffee Sleeves" "Coffee Cuffs"...I don't know. Where do I place my logo? Oh shyt...I need a another logo? How do I find a manufacturer? How long is it gonna take? How much should I order? How do I price em? Do I create a store ON my blog or separate?

Let's be honest here...I've just never been a salesperson! Everybody ain't meant to be a boss n that's ok. If everyone were the entrepreneur's where would that leave consumers? It takes a full team and production to pull off the moves small business owners do and I just wanna admire from afar and closely by supporting with my dollars. Self-awareness is sexy and I am very aware of my lane...influence!! I am the perfect print model. I am the perfect billboard to advertise and even better to partner with to show off ur goods. I can see it now: Kisha of BB x Nordstrom n Balls of Beauty x **insert other brands to have collections** That is where I am these days.

Back to these Coffee Couture Sleeves...these are for dramatic effects only. They are not meant to think u can slide a sleeve on n carry it like a tote or walk around letting it dangle like a purse. It's not stable enuff for that. It's merely for the lewk of it all. I grabbed this set cuz the chain is interchangeable n it was basic enuff for me to get feel of what I (thought) I'd market as far as color n shape.

I truly admire the leaps of faith n sacrifices small black business owners do from the conception of the idea and the hard work that goes into making it come to fruition. I unfortunately missed out on those genes in the line for God's work lol. If ever you need a model for your goods...u know where to find me!! I'll be dropping links for yall to enjoy n partake in when I find dope shyt yall should be aware of-please and thank you :)

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