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Bottega Veneta Drop Earrings

I have clearly been under a rock as I've missed the initial frenzy for these Bottega Veneta Drop Earrings. They've been all the rage since last summer n yall still loving em cuz they've been holding it down in SOLD OUT status with every restock. Imagine my surprise when I was randomly browsing n caught a dupe.

Behold...BoTayGuh Feneta **cue red carpet gasp** LOL!! I enjoy luxury like the next person n while I budget it in or more than likely catch it on sale...I am picky how I shop n for me, it gotta make sense. I am not a trendy shopper n don't care to run to the store after a Kardashian or what's the other IT girl name...**googles** oh yea...Bella Hadid.

I cannot justify budgeting the cost of shoes for these earrings. I am a studs lover n would need to permanently pierce my ears with these to miss a meal for drop earrings. I've been in dupe mode lately anyways n doin a "Battle of" in choosing this or that:

I can appreciate a good dupe when needed, there's another one-here-as well n for the price u still save n pay less than the tax on the originals lol. The chunky earring craze is back so it's fun to have an affordable option to partake. I like the vintage-esque style of drop earrings n I can't say I'd never splurge on designer jewelry (which is basically costume) u just gotta do what fits best with ur lifestyle. I also keep my Amazon Storefront updated as well if ever u wanna browse some finds:

I think dupes are good ways to test out how you'd like it before making the a trial run! That's why my designer shoes are flats n kittens lol cuz I know dmn well I'll over wear em like my Chloe slides, I am looking to invest in another pair (despite the price hike).

So what do ya think? Do u bypass designer to go for the dupes n how do u pick what to splurge on? Let me know in the comments.

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