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How To Hold Ur Mule

I have no qualms of letting yall know...I am enjoying whatever era of aging yall dodging becuz honeychiiiiiile...middle age is where it's at. The best is yet to come! With that, one must recognize how our style will evolve to reflect where we are during different stages of our life. Mine...I wanna say comfortable but yall take that to the max n be out here lookin TOO comfy so I'll style in my early 40's is...enjoyable n agreeable.

Lisseeeeen...I've been in mules as long as early as I've been walking in heels by way of my mama. I will always credit that woman for being THE example of sophistication n what it looks like to properly dress as a lady. Mules were "sneakers" for my mama n I didn't appreciate the style until I got older. It's a classic style that hands down...a summer staple!

Quick history:

The early days of mules were meant to be worn in the bedroom like slippers. Wealthy laydeez of the French court like Marie Antoinette n nem, would wear them under their gowns. Thanks to Muva Marilyn Monroe, she made em popular with the open toe'd versions to wear under shift dresses n trousers.

Part of the 90's fashion with our aunties n nem was mules. They wore em with a t-shirt, belted jeans n Coach bag in tow! The versatility to be able to dress em up or down makes them a staple to have in the wardrobe and I don't discriminate cuz I do closed and open toe. How did I end up with these specifically tho...

I totally drooled n fell IN LOVE with these. I tossed these Prada ones in my wishlist last summer n the price hasn't budged lol. I am not a fan of Bottega but the sculptured heel captured my heart. The best part is...they point longer than Arsenio Hall's finger! It's always a point for me. While I daydreamed n toggled between who could stand to not get paid for the month...I snapped out of it quickly becuz I have no bidness nor room to drop anything comma's after purgin n working on having a better relationship wit money.

These Vince Tahoe Suede Wedge Mules ($270) came through in the clutch n saved a GRIP!! They were on sale n the hardest decision to make was black or tan. I went with this shade becuz I plan to wear em with my "Nautical Couture" which is my blue n white stripe tops. I've also envisioned wearing these with white blouses n (any style) jeans a lot. I've tested them out n they are comfortable n easy to keep on longer than 6 hrs. Becuz they are suede-check the weather n don't get caught in the rain lol.

What chew think? Are yall holding yall mules n how are u holdin' em? Let me know...

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